Vaping Difference: Beginners Guide to MTL V/S DTL Vaping

The terms MTL and DTL are something that usually ends up confusing the newbie vapers. If you are one of them, then read this blog to know the difference between MTL and DTL vaping in brief. Plus, we have tried to answer all the questions related to this hot vaping topic.

What are MTL and DTL vaping?

Firstly, it is important to know that MTL and DTL are two different types of vaping styles. MTL stands for Mouth-to-lung vaping which means when someone inhales the vapor through an e-cigarette, it first goes into their mouth, then into their lungs. It is designed to emulate cigarette smoking. In contrast, DTL is an acronym for Direct-to-lung vaping where the vapor goes directly into the inhaler lungs. It is also known as sub-ohm vaping which replicates shisha or hookah vaporization.

What is the Difference Between MTL and DTL Vaping?

If you want to start vaping but don’t know which of these vaping styles will suit your preference ideally. Read these key differences thoroughly to avail of the best possible outcomes:


              MTL VAPING                   DTL VAPING
  • Ideal for smoking impression
  • Best for cloud-chasing
  • Less vaporization
  • Massive clouds of vapors
  • Low Wattage vape devices
  • High Wattage vape devices
  • High resistance coils( More than 1 ohm)
  • Low Resistance coils( less than 1 ohm)
  • High nicotine strength
  • Less nicotine strength
  • Restricted mouth piece
  • Wide mouthpiece
  • Less flavor taste
  • High flavor taste
  • Hard throat hits
  • Smooth throat hits
  • Requires a higher VG ratio
  • Requires a higher PG ratio
  • Stabilized airflow
  • Freeway airflow

How to Choose between MTL and DTL vaping Devices?

Vaping industry is flooded with a lot of vape devices that are specifically designed to serve different purposes. When it comes to choosing between MTL and DTL vaping devices, you have to analyze your vaping needs. For instance, if you are a smoker and want to enjoy vaping that feels like cigarette smoking, then you should opt for MTL vaping devices. However, if you don’t like cigarettes but have an enthusiasm for hookahs, then you should consider DTL vaping devices.


With various vape manufacturers around, it is simple to buy a suitable DTL or MTL device. However, there are various other aspects like power output, coil resistance, e-juice formations, and nicotine strength that are vital for carrying out MTL and DTL vaping. Why is it essential to consider all these aspects? Let us illustrate you with examples.


Starter kits, Pod systems, mod kits, and pen style devices are some of the most common MTL vaping devices. While, if we take a close look at some of the best-known DTL vaping devices, there are Pod Kits, Box Mods, and Mod Kits. 


Now, the perplexity that will undoubtedly arise in your mind is why Pod kits are mentioned in both MTL and DTL categories. The answer is simple, whichever type of right vape pod or cartridge you will use in your pod system will determine whether it would carry out MTL or DTL vaping. A similar thing goes for mod kits, their tank or cartridge type will decide the vaping style that you are about to experience. 


Vape pod aka cart or tank plays a pivotal role because they are the ones that carry the coil. And, we have shared above that high resistance coils offer MTL while coils having low resistance will prompt DTL vaping. So, it doesn’t matter whether your device can pull up huge power outputs, if you are using high resistance coils, then you will get low vaporization. 


However, when it comes to e-juice and the nicotine strength, the clock begins to move in the opposite direction. As the e-juices with higher VG(vegetable glycerine ) will produce dense vapors while with top PG(propylene glycol), you will be able to experience strong throat punches. Moreover, if you would use e-juices with higher nicotine strength in a sub-ohm device aka box mod or mod kit, then you will experience immense vaporization with unbearable nicotine kicks, hence it is not recommended. In other words, it is important to choose the vape device with the right power wattage, pod or tank having suitable coils, and of course the right e-juice with ideal VG/PG formation and nicotine strength.


Vaping has become extensively popular and to begin it, you need to know about its most important fundamentals; MTL and DTL vaping. If you want to know about them and how they differ from each other, then do read this blog. In case, we forget to add any credible point pertaining to the aforementioned topic, then feel free to comment down your suggestion.


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