The Perfect Way to Marinate Chicken

Chicken is one of the integral components of our daily diet. Whether it’s a family dinner or some event gathering, the dining table is incomplete without chicken. Chicken is one of the most versatile food items as well because you can mold it into any recipe of your choice. However, the main thing that gives exciting flavors to chicken in every cuisine is it’s marinating.

Marinating the chicken is the most preferred way to prepare it for cooking. The benefit of marinating is that all the flavors will get deep inside the chicken, and it will also take less time to cook. Moreover, you can add different ingredients of your choice to the marinade.

Apple cider vinegar and a variety of hot sauces and different seasonings can be used.

However, you cannot just pick your chicken and throw it in a bowl full of seasonings to get it marinated. You have to do this in a proper way. The following is the perfect method to marinate your chicken.

Collecting Ingredients

The first step is to collect all the ingredients. As mentioned earlier, you can use a variety of ingredients to prepare the marinade for your chicken. However, specific elements are mandatory for particular types of marinade. Ginger, garlic, onion powder, fresh herbs, vinegar or lime juice, chilies, and pepper are some standard components of almost all marinades. You can replace them with some other if you don’t like their flavors or are allergic to them.

To prepare mustard marinade, you need to mix ingredients with mustard paste. A little bit of salt and olive oil will also be included in the ingredients.

For Italian marinade, you need some extra ingredients. These are Italian seasoning and olive oil. For Chinese marinade, additional ingredients required will be sesame oil, soy sauce, and molasses.

Chopping and Grinding the Ingredients

The next step is to chop and grind the ingredients. Some ingredients need to be grounded well before adding to the marinade. However, some others are required to be chopped well. If you’ve planned to make a mustard marinade, you need to mince the garlic and ginger precisely. 

In the case of Italian marinade, the chopped ingredients will serve the best. Chopped ingredients will not interfere with Italian seasoning, and your chicken will have both flavors. However, the choice of chopping or mincing the ingredients depends entirely on your taste. Grounded components will give more flavors, and chopped ones will provide more taste and crispiness. 

Mixing the Ingredients

Mixing the ingredients well is an integral step of marinating chicken. Otherwise, you will not get it right. As a result, your chicken will taste more like ginger at one place and have a solid Italian flavor at another point.  You can use the following methods to mix the ingredients.

  • Take a large bowl and pour all ingredients in it. Then use a whisk, either electric or non-electric, and mix them well.
  • You can use a mixer or blender as well to mix all the ingredients. This is best if you want to get a smooth, delicious marinade for your chicken. 
  • If you don’t have a whisk or mixer, use the chef’s common trick to mix them. Pour the ingredients into a jar, close it, and shake it well.

Getting Marinade Ready

The next step is to give the final touch to your marinade. Take a mixture of ingredients and add the selected sauce along with vinegar and olive oil or sesame oil. Mix it well with the help of a beater until a homogenous mixture forms. If the density is not enough, add some corn flour to it.

Dipping Chicken

It’s the last step. Take chicken pieces and dip them in the prepared marinade. If chicken pieces are large, make sure to introduce some cuts in them. This will assist the deep penetration of the marinade along with its flavors and taste. If you are willing to marinate chicken for BBQ, make sure to add some BBQ sauce and Ketchup to it to have the typical flavor of barbeque.


Now you know how to get your chicken perfectly marinated for any chicken cuisine. What are you waiting for? Head towards the kitchen and marinate the chicken using the above method.

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