What are heated blankets?

With the winter season right there on the threshold, we have all got our winter clothes out from the depths of our closets. But do you have anything for your blankets? We are guessing not. And your thin summer blankets do not make the cut unless you desire to freeze to death in the middle of the night. 

Considering your bed is your safest and the most comfortable sanctuary, you should make some winter changes to make it suitable for the weather outside. And the perfect solution for winters could be heated blankets. Due to advanced technical innovations, we now have heated blankets. You can get your hands on these blankets at the heated and weighted blanket store.

What are heated blankets?

Heated blankets, also commonly known as electric blankets, are blankets that run on electricity and keep you warm. They are designed with a heavy, sturdy material that holds the wiring system in place.

These blankets are plugged into an outlet that transports the electricity in the wiring system, which further heats the blanket. You also have a remote control where you can change the level of heat along with some other settings.

Most heated blankets are made of some type of combination of polyester and acrylic. This material keeps fire hazards at bay while still offering a good amount of heat. Nevertheless, the material may vary from brand to brand.

How do they work?

Heated blankets do not come under bedding material. They are actually home appliances since they work with electricity. The wiring system we talked about above encompasses various thin wires running throughout the blanket. When the plug is inserted into an outlet, the electricity transfers to these wires and heats them, these wires have the potential to carry heat with them and they warm the blanket with their heat from the inside out.

The remote control attached to the blanket allows you to change the level of heat in the blanket. It may also have other options, such as an on and off button, depending on the brand.

Types of heated blankets

Heated blankets do not come in one size, one shape and one material for all. You will find a lot of options in a heated and weighted blanket store. Some of the types of heated blankets are mentioned below: 

Heated weighted blanket

The heated weighted blanket is the one that combines the benefits of both a heated and a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket that is used for reducing anxiety, helping sleep and for other therapeutic reasons.  

Battery-powered weighted blanket

As the name suggests, this type of heated blanket works with a battery instead of electricity. Meaning you do not have to keep it plugged in all night long. You can charge it and then use it, just like your mobile.

Throw heated blanket

A throw blanket is what we use during our nap sessions. This is also used as a piece of decoration. This is relatively shorter than a full-sized blanket but heats the same.

Advantages of heated blankets

The next topic of discussion is the advantages of heated blankets. These blankets are loved by people all around the world, and they function extremely well. The following are the advantages of heated blankets:

Saves energy

The first and greatest reason for you to get a heated blanket is that they save energy. But they consume it, how can they save it? Well, during winter we will turn up the thermostat which will in turn increase your bills. With heated blankets, the bills will be relatively lower.

Relives pain

We are advised by doctors to keep a hot water pack over a bruise or something that pains. Imagine a heated blanket as your hot water pack. The heat will help you lower your pain.

Better sleep

Another benefit of using a heated blanket is that it provides you with better sleep since the temperature level does not change all night.

Improves mood

When the pain goes away, you have lower utility bills, and you are having a better sleep, what do you get? Improved mood, duh. 

Washable and dryable

This may not be true for every heated blanket out on the market, but most of them are washable and dryable. You can put it in a washing machine or a dryer without worrying about the wires. But we are sure to remove the external wires, like the remote control and the plug.

If you are unsure about washing a heated blanket or using one for safety concerns read this.


Looks like you have reached the end of our discussion on heated blankets. So in this blog, we went through and understood all the information you need on heated blankets, including what they are, how they work, their types and their advantages.

We hope you are convinced to get one.

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