What are the Benefits of Bringing Air Purifying Indoor Plants?

Many people are hesitant to add plants to their homes because they do not believe they will positively impact them. However, plants can benefit in many ways, including providing air-purifying benefits. 

Air purifiers use an activated carbon filter to absorb pollutants and particles from the air. Adding indoor plants to your home improves air quality and reduces allergy symptoms.

But is it enough to use them in your home? Let’s explore the benefits of air purifying indoor plants in this article to make your home a natural place to live. 

Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

When it comes to air purifying plants, there are plenty of options. Plants like the peace lily, flamingo lily, happy plant, and money plant are excellent for cleansing your home.

Not only do these plants improve the air quality inside your home or office, but they also have some other benefits. 

Absorb CO2 and release oxygen

Many plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them natural air purifiers. Some of the best plants for this purpose include Devil’s Ivy and peace lilies. Devil’s Ivy or money plant also removes carbon dioxide and harmful toxins such as formaldehyde. 

Peace lilies are among the most popular air-purifying plants and are known to remove ammonia, benzene, and other harmful chemicals from the air. Thus, it makes them ideal for improving air quality in indoor spaces.

Plants remove harmful VOCs.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful toxins that cause health problems. In recent years, awareness of the dangers of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has increased. These chemicals, emitted from many everyday household items, can cause various health problems, from headaches and dizziness to asthma and cancer. 

Many people are now looking for ways to reduce their exposure to VOCs, and one solution is to use plants to purify the air. Indoor plants can remove harmful VOCs from the air, making breathing safer.

Plants work by absorbing pollutants through their leaves and roots. They then convert the pollutants into harmless substances released back into the air. Some plants are better at removing VOCs than others; those with large leaves and lots of surface area are generally most effective.

Improve your mood

It has been shown that spending time around plants can help to improve your mood. This is likely because plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. 

The presence of plants has been shown to improve moods and reduce stress levels. NASA has even researched this topic and found that certain plants are particularly effective at removing harmful toxins from the air. Some of these plants include Devil’s Ivy and peace lily.

Plants are aesthetically pleasing

Plants are aesthetically pleasing and some plants can even clean the air in your home. Indoor plants are a great way to add some life to your living space and simultaneously improve air quality.

Some of the best plants for cleaning the air are the Happy plant, Leopard Lilly, Money plant, Peace Lily, and Dragon tree. These plants have all been shown to remove toxins from the air. They are also easy to care for and don’t require a lot of sunlight or water.

Not only do they improve the air quality, but they also provide a natural aesthetic that artificial objects can’t replicate.

Affordable and easy to care for

People are often looking for ways to make their home environment healthier. One way to do this is by adding plants to your home. Indoor plants are affordable and easy to care for, making them an excellent option for people looking for a healthy and low-maintenance option.

Take Away

Indoor plants play a vital role in improving air quality. Not only do they improve the air quality, but they also provide decor to the home or office. Some air purifying indoor plants improve mood, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function, productivity, and creativity. 

With so many benefits to bring to the table, it is hard not to consider getting some indoor plants into your life. That is why Plantele has a wide range of air-purifying plants that can make your indoors free of harmful toxins and a naturally beautiful living place. 


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