What makes Tawaf invalid?

As we know, any worship wants attention from its performers. If it is not performed perfectly, it will not be accepted by God. In this way, a Tawaf is a great form of worship. Many people make mistakes during encircling the Kaaba due to ignorance or any other reason. In this context, consider this topic to know more information, “What makes Tawaf invalid?” 

Tawaf, which refers to revolving around the Kaaba in an anticlockwise direction, is one of the fundamental rites of the pilgrimage. Seven complete rounds are one Tawaf, and each of the seven starts and ends at the Hajar Aswad. To make Tawaf valid, it’s our responsibility to emphasize each aspect of Umrah along with booking Umrah Packages

Interrupting the Tawaf without a valid reason

It is not permissible for someone who is performing the Tawaf to stop for no reason and then resume it. By doing so, they are invalidating their act of devotion after it has already started, which invites criticism. 

Violations of Tawaf

Numerous people make many mistakes while encircling the Kaaba. 

These are the following:

Skipping circumambulation of the Kaaba during Tawaf, without any reason, is unacceptable for performing Umrah. If a woman’s period starts while revolving around the Kaaba, she must stop immediately and leave the Masjid Haram.

When doing Tawaf, a pilgrim might have to take a break due to illness, buy food for fellow believers, or attend to personal business. His Tawaf is valid if it was obligatory, and he had finished the fourth round. It is invalid if he gives up before finishing the fourth round.  

A pilgrim can stop doing his Tawaf for daily prayer or joins the congregational prayer. But he must continue pending Tawaf from that point at which he interrupts it after finishing the prayer.

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Conditions of Tawaf

The scholars have listed several conditions for the validity of circumambulating the Kaaba. These are the following:

Being Muslim

Tawaf made by a non-believer is not valid because it is an act of worship in Islam. Disbelievers are not permitted to do acts of worship.


Purity is the first condition in a religious sense. Therefore, a person must make sure that all impurities have been removed from him or his clothes before encircling the Kaaba.

Covering the awrah

Tawaf is a type of worship and prayer in Sharia. During this main ritual of pilgrimage, covering the body is necessary for both genders. A man must cover himself from the waist to his lower legs. A woman should cover her body, except her hands and face.

Seven full rounds

The second condition is that one should complete seven cycles in Tawaf. Missed one step, it is invalid. If someone is not sure how many times he circumambulated the Kaaba? He should follow the lowest number to ensure that he completes the task seven times.

Performing Tawaf from outside the Kaaba

It is essential to do Tawaf from outside the Kaaba. The Holy Kaaba includes the semicircular region known as Hateem. Therefore, if someone walks around it while circumambulating, his Tawaf is incorrect.

Tawaf is one of the main rituals of a holy trip to Makkah. It means circumambulating the Kaaba or moving in rounds around it anticlockwise. To Perform Umrah accurately, getting the service of an Umrah Guide at the time of booking Umrah Packages isn’t bad.

Any type of worship seeks attention from its followers. If it is not performed correctly, God will not accept it. Tawaf is a wonderful form of worship in this way. Due to a lack of understanding or for any other reason, many people make blunders while they round the Kaaba. So, they should correctly perform this auspicious worship to get rewards from Allah.   

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