What Technological Developments Have Improved Our Lives?

A year full of technical advancements that have changed business models to be more automated and effective is now behind us.


Despite the vast range of technology advancements anticipated for 2022, they all share the same basic element: tools and developments aimed at advancing digitization and boosting productivity and growth for all different kinds of businesses. Adoption of digital environments is essential for productivity and retaining customers.


Hyper-automation and automation

By automating some processes, we can shorten the time it takes to complete certain jobs and improve their accuracy. In order to do a number of activities more quickly in 2022, we will continue integrating new technologies and methods. Additionally, we will increase our efficiency in doing them and keep abstaining from completing jobs that can be entirely automated so that we can focus exclusively on those for which we can provide value that is distinct. Additionally, hyper-automation will accelerate decision-making without sacrificing quality while also slashing operational expenses by up to 30%.


Given its positioning as the megatrend which will identify a new age and be able to have the same influence as the Internet, we were unable to omit it from this list of trends.

The way we work, shop, interact, and have fun will all be fundamentally altered by this digital world where both physical and virtual reality coexist in a shared online environment. For businesses, the metaverse will present many fantastic opportunities, from boosting their presence on social media to office, payments, healthcare, purchasing and selling things, etc.

Global behemoths like Microsoft, Zara, Epic Games, and Facebook (which has already changed its name to Meta) are just a few examples of businesses that have embraced this trend and will be major contributors to this new universe. To see 100% of what will be accomplished, there is still work to be done, but we must not lose sight of it.

Distributed businesses

Many businesses are still in the process of adapting to or transitioning to hybrid work arrangements. Many of them have taken them because of the epidemic, but the choice to keep them over time is being made carefully and firmly. This transition to dispersed work has accelerated rapidly due to the emergence of remote or hybrid models.

These dispersed business models are already producing advantages, and it is anticipated that they will increase revenue by 25% more quickly than its traditional model rivals.

Intelligent decision-making

To make better judgments, so-called “decision intelligence” employs a practical strategy. In order to learn, inform, and improve these judgments, it serves to model each choice as a collection of processes that are backed by intelligence and analytics.

With the use of augmented analytics, simulations, and artificial intelligence, it is the ideal complement to assist human judgments before automating them.


A revolutionary company approach called Total Experience unifies user experience, customer experience, staff experience, and multi-experience across several touchpoints. The main characteristic of the complete experience is that it provides total experience management, which increases excellent customer and employee trust, satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. All of the “Xs” together will indicate the possibility of enhancing company outcomes and increasing growth.

ConvNext: New convolutional neural network architectures

Transformers’ invasion of computer vision has enhanced neural networks’ capacity to extract characteristics from pictures and opened up the potential of modeling long-range relationships. As a result, classification, object identification, and picture segmentation tasks now have higher hit rates.

Many research teams have introduced novel topologies that alter the way we traditionally utilize convolutional neural networks as a result of the strategies developed in the creation of hybrid architectures employing “Vision Transformers.” This is the situation with the new network that Facebook research has identified: ConvNext, a ConvNet for the 2020s, has surpassed the “Vision Transformers” designs using solely convolutional neural networks (ImageNet Benchmark).

Home tech devices

It is quite astounding how technology has enhanced both indoor and outdoor quality of life. Nowadays, an air filter is one of the most crucial items to have in your house. Benefits from the best furnace filter or from a good air filter include easing asthma symptoms, removing hazardous chemicals from indoor environments, neutralizing unpleasant odors, lowering the risk of airborne diseases, enhancing sleep, removing hazardous asbestos particles, and perhaps increasing life expectancy.

Trends in sustainable technology

We saved it for last, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least significant. We have seen how there has been a substantial movement in business models recently, and it may be categorized as a trend in and of itself that incorporates many others.

Numerous businesses have chosen to implement both small and significant changes, focusing in particular on cutting CO2 emissions (using Blockchain, for example), moving to the cloud, utilizing clean process and product technologies, streamlining processes and reducing consumption, recycling, emphasizing the value of metrics, etc.


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