Which is the best zodiac sign as per astrology?

There has been an unending debate among the best astrologers and online astrology websites about who is the best zodiac sign in astrology? Well, the fact is that each zodiac sign is good in some way or the other. However, there are some extra qualities that a zodiac may have which make them extra special or BEST.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the main motive. Here are the best zodiac signs as per astrology.

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Scorpio is a fire sign commonly known for rage and aggression. But, spoiler alert, Scorpio are not at all aggressive until someone displeases them to a certain extent. They are those shy, silent people who sit in their corner and mind their own business unless called upon to have some fun. And when they want to have fun, there is nobody as entertaining as a Scorpio.

Be it a coffee date or casual football practice, they are the friend everyone deserves. A Scorpio can’t take too much of the same routine. They survive and thrive on challenges. Sometimes, this is their best and sometimes their worst.


Taurus, in astrology, is an earth sign and people belonging to this zodiac sign are popularly known for their sensuous nature. Portrayed as an angry bull, this sign comes out to be the least outrageous zodiac sign. Though Taureans can be surprising sometimes but only in a good way. The best astrology website will tell you that these people have a practical nature and the last thing they want is dependency.

Their best habit is their inclination toward hard work and optimism. Whereas their headstrong attitude amalgamated with stubbornness often come out as the worst habit of Taurus. However, it is impossible to resist the charm of Taurean. When around, a Taurus is the most alluring individual in the room.


Stumble upon a Cancerian and you will spend forever recalling the marvel and surprise of the moment they bring. Not only this, they are called the most influential and passionate zodiac sign. A Cancer native belongs to the water element and thus is a deep thinker. They analyse words, actions, and hints like no one else. If you have a Cancerian friend, you will be safe from all the other cranky kinds.

A Cancerians empathy and their way to respond to the emotions of other people make them one of the best zodiac signs. Nonetheless, their mood swings can turn you grumpy sometimes but you know they love you to the MOON and back. So, there’s no escape from a Cancerian’s love


Aquarius are the excel sheet maker aka presentation freaks. These people love their life to be organised. One missed goal and an Aquarius would freak out. Well, they don’t because they never miss a goal. With the amount of dedication they put in everything they do, it would be so unfair of destiny to not meet them.

Their ability to attain and spread calm amid distress is the best quality of Aquarius. Mr./Ms. Perfection invests very much in both emotion and energy. Thus, even amid their preference for high standards, they sometimes need saving by their friends.


Libra carries the day! It would be complete mayhem in the zodiac circle if exclude the icebreaker of zodiacs from this list. A combination of practical, emotional, harmonious, and adorable individuals, Libra is ordinarily the favourite of all in the room. Libra prefers fairness above everything else. They can not stand the disrespect and mistreatment of anyone. Time and again checking their balance metre, these people ponder the idea of harmony. They like to have equilibrium in everything they do.

Best at handling almost everything with utmost poise, they sometimes struggle to make perfect decisions. However, their sense of judgement and understanding serve them well to save others from any further stress.

So, these were our picks for the best zodiac signs, relatable ha?

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