Which Is The Most Affordable Day 2 Pcr Test Provider In The UK?

Day 2 PCR test is a pre-leaving PCR test. A traveler has to get PCR test to detect the Covid-19 virus two days before his arrival. Many organizations work as test provider companies, but most test providers demand high rates. Is there any company that provides the test at lower rates?

The UK Government-Approved Test Provider

The only UK-based test provider organization that works with lower rates is Official Rapid Tests. It is a UK government-approved test provider that takes care of its customers’ pockets.

Distinctive Working Features of Official Rapid Tests

Its founder laid its foundation on the name of fast services, reasonable prices, and more accurate test reports. The list of unlimited features of Official Rapid Tests is as follows,

· Online Services

First, Official Rapid Test is an online website. The current generation finds it convenient to get its needy products at home. Therefore, the originator of Official Rapid Tests initiated this organization to fulfill the demands of the modern generation online. It was also a safe testing approach during Covid-19.

· Easy-to-Understand Website

For more comfort, Official Rapid Tests gives you the option of an easy website that you can run from your comfort zone. You can read the specialties of Official Rapid Tests, check their rates, and place your order to get your day 2 PCR testing kit at your doorstep.

· Authentic Testing Kits

Some companies do not supply authentic testing kits. But if you are thinking about day 2 PCR test kits from Official Rapid Tests, you will get CE-marked and FDA-approved kits. The two labels express the validity of Official Rapid Tests.

· Experienced Doctors

Official Rapid Tests always prefer to hire experienced doctors to give valuable test services to their customers. Their able doctors guide their customers properly for all of their problems related to medical testing.

· Affordable Rates

The most prominent feature of Official Rapid Tests is affordable rates. They started the organization for the world’s population and set rates accordingly. People of all classes can enjoy their services at reasonable rates. You can do your day 2 PCR test with Official Rapid Tests for only £48.00. The services that you will get with this package are;

  1. Instant emailing of PLF reference
  2. Free next-day delivery
  3. Results within 15 minutes

· Multi-Buy Offer

You can use the Official Rapid Tests’ multi-buy offer if you want to apply for multiple certificates for your family. You will get different PLF codes for each test and receive your testing kits and reports on time.

Achievements of Official Rapid Tests

Official Rapid Tests has been excellently entertaining their customer for many years. Their services were unbeatable during Covid-19. Their most prominent achievements include;

  1. 5-star rating ratings from their happy customers
  2. 11251 encouraging customer reviews
  3. Preference given by international customers

Among all other test providers in the UK, Official Rapid Test is the best. You must visit their website if you plan to get an affordable Day 2 PCR test before traveling.


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