Which metal is widely used in die casting?

Most of the time, aluminum castings are created with an investment casting process. It uses a sand mold filled with liquid alloy to form an impression into which sand and gas is blown. This forms the shape of the casting. After the casting has been made, the sand is extracted and the part is removed from the mold.

Aluminum is a popular material for making castings because it is non-magnetic and is highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is also much lighter than most metals. All aluminum castings have properties that make them ideal for manufacturing automotive parts and components.

Aluminum’s properties make it a good material for use in the manufacturing of small-scale engine and engine parts, pistons, camshafts, flywheels, cylinder heads, exhaust zinc die casting systems, gear cases and housings. It is also used for tooling dies and other machined parts in the industrial sector. There are four major alloys that are commonly used with aluminum: aluminum-lithium, aluminum-boron, aluminum-silicon, and aluminum-zinc.

We’ve heard of aluminum products being used in the manufacture of medical devices, aircraft and aerospace products, and transportation systems. There are many other industries that use aluminum, too.

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