5 Iconic Hair Styles to Try in 2022

5 Iconic Hair Styles to Try in 2022

Through the span of history, we’ve noticed that fashion and style move in a cyclical way, and hairstyles trends are no different. What is in today, fades out tomorrow only to return after a few years. Hairstyles have influenced identities and defined decades. A quick glance through the style library will show that in almost in every decade, there were at least one or two hairstyle, which became so popular that they were considered iconic. So, we decided to delve deeper into the memory lane to ascertain which iconic hairstyles we’d love to see or should expect to see in 2022. Navigating the hairstyle trends track, we came across many iconic hairstyles such as the Beehive of the 60s, Pixies of the 70s, Jheri Curls of the 80s, and we feel that in 2022, we may see the 1980s hairstyle make a comeback. Listed below are our top 5 favorite iconic5 Iconic Hair Styles to Try in 2022


The Shag

A classic from the 80s hair, we expect the shag to make a big come back this season. If you’re wondering why? Simply because it’s a great hairstyle that can work on any type of hair, irrespective of the texture and the length. Easy to style and easy to maintain, the shag is a super layered cut that not only highlights the natural texture of the hair but also adds more volume to it. The layers, allow for movement to create a classic look. Some of the variations of the shag include feathered layers, and shag with bangs. The shag gets the favour because of its cool, almost minimal maintenance regime, all natural look which sends the message “Not much is ongoing at the moment”. Renowned hairstylists recommend that should you need a last minute touch up, just use some diffuser.

Curly Bangs

2022 is the year when we love our curls again. Relaxed, but layered curls which define the face and give us a beach hair look is what we like about this newer version of the 1980s hairstyle. The bangs are a great way to keep your length and yet update the look. Natural looking wavy hair, long layers is what we seek. The wavy hair can be created either with a round brush iron or simply braiding the hair overnight. It is the loose layers of the curly bangs that give it a relaxed yet elegant look.

The Blunt Bob

Another icon from the yesteryears, the Bob means business and is highly fashion forward. Sitting just above the shoulder length, the Bob was always easy to style and, should the need arise, pull back. In 2022 we’re rooting for an upgraded Bob aka The Blunt Bob. Simply ask your stylist for a Bob, which as the name suggests, has blunt ends. The hair should be about 1-2 inches below the chin, but above the shoulders. With some loose texturing of the hair, you’re all set with a new look and new style for 2022.

Feathered Layers

An alternative to the layered cut, the feathered layers involves creating layers wherein the hair is at short angles around the face and long layers at the back. The resultant look is a bouncy, airy hairstyle with textures that resemble the feathers of a bird. Lighter tresses, higher volume and easy maintenance the feathered layers is one of the best styles for those who have thin hair as it frames the face superbly. Thus, it is hardly surprising that the 80s hair is making a strong comeback in 2022, and for all the right reasons.


Soft Effortless Curls

2022 is the year when we celebrate all things natural by accepting things for what they are. This is the year where we again celebrate the natural curls by simply accentuating them to give a soft and airy look. We shun the tighter curls in favors of more wavy and relaxed curls.  Keeping in tandem with the movement of accepting and embracing your natural hair, this style goes all out to help you allow your hair to express itself the way it wants. What we need to create the look are just some products which help enhance the natural beauty of your hair and shun the dryers and the irons.
The above mentioned list of hairstyles have made it to the iconic hairstyles of 2022. Because they all revolve around the basic theme of accepting and embracing your natural hair. Aside from being low maintenance, these styles have a common theme to bring out the natural beauty of your hair. Help it shine at its best and in turn make you look stunning. So, which of these would you like to try to create the new you in 2022?

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