Submit a tip about a federal crime or report a threat

With their more sophisticated methods, scammers are hoping you’ll let your guard down. We strongly advise customers not to give out their personal information, financial information, or any other details to strangers who have called them. The ability to recognize and distinguish between a scam and a legitimate firm is deteriorating. 


Scammers attempt to steal personal information from customers all the time by utilizing phony emails, websites, phone calls, and even text messages. They try to trick people in a number of different ways into giving them their personal credentials, bank account numbers, and other valuable information like credit card numbers. They frequently want to steal money from you. Below are some ways you can report a scam or an arson anonymously, and with the help of ezchargeback, you can also get your money back. 

How to report a crime anonymously?

There are various ways to file an anonymous online police report. It’s crucial to have options while attempting to decide how to report a crime in an anonymous manner. Anonymous reporting services can keep your identity secret and you safe whether you need to report drug trafficking, self-harm, suspicious behavior, someone with a warrant, theft, crimes against children, or prostitution to authorities. This includes web forms for anonymous tips, text tips (which are very similar to tips sent through text messages to law enforcement), QR codes, and mobile apps. Anyone can contact police authorities with an anonymous tip. Even numerous crime tips, such as a police theft report and a report of cyberbullying, can be submitted online. To report a scam, you may also fill out a form on the ezchargeback website. In addition to reporting the scam, you will also file a claim for scam recovery. Contact Ezchargeback to discuss your situation, learn more about the fund recovery procedures, and learn how to make sure your assets are secure. You can also book a free consultation with their dependable team of professionals.

How do police handle anonymous tips?

Similar to a theft report, the police would examine the provided crime tip and validate its validity. If it transpires that the information from the reported crime tip is relevant to an ongoing investigation, it is included in a warrant affidavit. Although it won’t be sufficient on its own to issue a search or arrest warrant, the details provided in the crime tip submission may be crucial in the subsequent steps that result in a warrant.

How do you remain anonymous while reporting a crime? 

It makes sense to question how to report drug dealers or drug houses anonymously if you’re worried about your safety. It is advised to choose a service that ensures the confidentiality of your anonymous police tips, such as ezchargeback or a criminal reporting agency. You can send a tip or submit the form online to report drug activity online (or other illegal conduct) without providing your identity by calling an anonymous drug tip line or a probation violation tip line. If you lose some of your money to fraud, Ezchargeback is a funds recovery firm that can assist you in getting it back.

Where do you report arson?

You must learn how to report suspicious activity using tools like money trace if you want to learn how to report arson anonymously. If your life savings have been stolen, the asset recovery company ezchargeback will assist you in getting your money back. To suit your communication preferences, several anonymous tipping websites provide a variety of anonymous tipping choices. Conscientious persons can make an informed decision about how to report arson without placing themselves in danger by being aware of their options for reporting crimes like arson.


What do ezchargeback do after you consult them regarding a crime?

At Ezchargeback, they employ a highly functional and integrated method to apprehend fraudsters and recover stolen money. Depending on the specifics of your scam case, the complete process of recovering assets may take one to three months. Our group of regional professionals will get engaged and start legal proceedings on your behalf if you think money has been stolen from your account. By submitting a dispute and advocating for you in court, Ezchargeback hopes to simplify the process for you. 


However, ezchargeback uses the internet to its advantage and has created a comprehensive method for victims to contact them and report their cases online. Fraudsters may use the internet to steal from you or swindle you. The ezchargeback team will walk you through a number of processes necessary to report a case and recover your funds.


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