Can I learn SEO without coding?

SEO is the procedure of enhancing the technical configuration of a website and boosting its link popularity and content relevancy. Doing all of the aforementioned tasks ensures the Search Engine  Configuration of a website. Implementing SEO in a website makes its pages more accessible and relevant whenever a user searches for queries.

To explain it in simpler words, Search Engine Optimization is a procedure of increasing the traffic on a website through organic, natural, and unpaid search results on the search engines. SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies.

Does SEO Require Coding?  

To answer it directly: No. Search Engine Optimization can totally be learned without requiring to learn “coding”. SEO typically does not involve hands-on coding. One can absolutely do a great job of SEO without knowing how to code.

But on the other hand, a good sense of how the programming works or the ability to do even a bit of coding can always prove beneficial.

How Coding Skills Amplifies SEO Efforts  

Here are a few ways how understanding Computer software code can aid in doing SEO:

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  • Better Communication With Clients  

If you know how to code, then it will surely enable you to simplify an explanation for your actions so that a client can understand the problem and the solution.

One simply cannot explain the things that they themselves do not understand. For instance, knowing how to code a structured form of data would empower the specialist to explain why it is acceptable to combine the structured form of data. It would also additionally explain the benefits of doing things and ways to do them.

Knowing how to code would also allow the individual to explain how their client only needs to drop a few lines into their WordPress site’s particular theme to generally avoid the installation of a plugin for doing the same thing.

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  • Detect Hidden Problems  

In general, the problems related to coding stay hidden from view in the HTML code. This is so because most of the sites are templated, and the errors are multiplied across every page that shares the same form of templated structure.

If one learns how to use HTML, then it would help them in understanding and interpreting the results!

Some coding errors are blatantly obvious, for example, the omission of a closing bracket.

  • Troubleshooting Of A Hacked Site  

Website security does not resemble something an professional should be concerned about. It does, though, become very clear that the security of a website is a part of the SEO problem, where the search rankings of an already hacked site start to vanish.

If a person knows how to code, in particular, to gain a general understanding of how the PHP files seem to work within a given CMS, then that can, in turn, help in analyzing a hacking event.

JavaScript files can be uploaded or even injected into other files as the basis of many attacks. JavaScript files that have recently been modified can also be examined to determine if a website has been hacked. More specifically, it can assist in determining if a specific plugin or WordPress itself is the cause for the attack.

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FAQs :

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding SEO:

  1. What form of coding does one need for SEO?

A: One such coding language that would prove helpful would be “Python”. It is a form of programming language that helps in automating a vast range of tasks related to SEO – ranging from data analysis, crawling, NLP (Natural Language Processing and much more.

  1. Is SEO hard to learn?

A: SEO is actually not hard to learn, but it can be a lot overwhelming and confusing when one gets started with it. Learning SEO strategies also include learning of a long list of marketing strategies (digital), which will eventually feel like upgrading your pre-existing gear.

  1. Is SEO easier as compared to programming?

A: There is no direct answer to this question, as it totally depends upon individual priorities and preferences. Programming is more of a technical field, while on the other hand, SEO involves more advertising and marketing. Both forms of jobs have their own set of pros and cons.

  1. Is SEO a high-paying job?

A: The salary of SEO professionals is among the highest because skilled SEO professionals are high in demand all over the world.

To Wrap It Up!  

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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