Can you see who views your highlights on Instagram?

Can you see who views your highlights on Instagram?

Comprehensive guide for Instagram monitoring;

Instagram is a very popular social media app. And we can say that it is replacing other social media apps or giving tough competition to them. Because of its remarkable features, people like to use it and entertain themselves. There is a long list of the features that Instagram possesses. Posting pictures and videos on your Instagram profile, posting stories, highlights, creating IGTV videos, and many more.

In this article, we will be focusing on a commonly asked question that can you see who views your highlights on Instagram? If you are new to Instagram and are not familiar with the basic aspects. This article is going to be a great piece of information for you.

Furthermore, we will discuss whether is it possible to view highlights on Instagram anonymously? And some more significant sections about the Instagram features. So settle down on your couch, have some snacks and start reading this incredulous article.

We assure you that you will get all the answers to your question regarding the most important features of this social media app. Sounds interesting? No more delay, let’s get started.

 Can you see who views your highlights on Instagram?

Have you recently been on someone’s profile? Have you seen their stories or highlights intentionally or unintentionally? If you are curious to know about all these things, this section will elaborate on you in detail.

Before that, it is necessary to talk a little about what highlights are and where one can see them. We all post stories of different things on our Instagram posts. Including our pictures, daily life routine, our surroundings, etc. Whatever we post on us stays there for a particular time. After 24 hours, it is automatically removed from your profile as per the Instagram feature.

In case you want to save the memory and want it on your profile for the rest of the time, it is possible. For that, Instagram allows the user to save them in your story highlights. The highlights are permanently saved on your account and you can watch them until you do not delete them.

When you save your story as a highlight, it is not possible to see who viewed your highlight. Instagram allows the user to fully have control of your account. Instagram allows the story to be there for 24 hours. After fixed 24 hours, no one will be able to see them

Can you see who watches your highlights on Instagram? So the answer to this question is ‘’No’’ Instagram gives you the record of who watched your story and you can easily check their profile with their username. But once you save it as a highlight, there is no way to say who has your highlights or who is still viewing it. Although the user can get a count that how many total views are there on your highlights?

Now you are very clear about this query that can you see who views your highlights on Instagram? And now it is time to jump into some more important sections of this article.

Enable highlight feature

If you are not familiar with this feature of Instagram and still looking for a way to save your stories as a highlight. You can learn all the necessary steps so that you can also enable your highlights feature on Instagram.

This is the step-by-step process to enable the archive of the feature so that you can save your memorable moments.

  •         This first and foremost step is to open your Instagram app and log in to your account
  •         The second step is to go to the profile page. For that, you need to click on the person icon. It is located at the bottom right corner.
  •         Clicking on this icon, your profile page will appear right in front of you. Now click on the horizontal lines on the top.
  •         A menu will appear, click on the settings that are present at last in the list.
  •         Now tap on ‘’privacy’’ and then click on the story.
  •         From here you need to enable the ‘’save story to archive’’ option.
  •         It’s done, now you can successfully see your stories anytime on your profile.

After enabling this feature, Instagram will automatically start saving your stories and one can view them anytime. We can see these highlights by tapping on the clock icon located on the profile page. One can also go for Instagram highlight viewer online to view the highlights on the profile.

View highlights Instagram anonymously

If this question is also popping in your mind then here is the answer to your question. Assuming that you can view highlights on Instagram anonymously? So the statement is of no argument that Instagram holds very strict privacy policies. And the users can change their privacy the way they want.

If you want to see someone’s profile and their highlights then there are some aspects to see. Firstly, the profile must be public. This option allows every person from anywhere in the world to see your stories and posts. Until or unless you do not restrict that specific user.

Another scenario is that if the profile privacy setting is private. And you are also not on the follower list so it is impossible to see their posts or highlights. Hence, if you want to see someone’s highlights these are the necessary conditions according to the policies of Instagram. Users can efficiently use Instagram to highlight viewers in this regard.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1.       Can you see who views your highlights on Instagram after 24 hours?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see those who watched your highlights on Instagram after 24 hours. Because apparently, your stories will no longer be there after this time. so you can’t see who viewed your highlight after that.

  1.       Can we delete Instagram highlights?

If you think that this particular highlight is not appropriate for your account anymore, simply delete it. In this way, it becomes very easy to manage your account and what you represent on it. Mostly, people delete the highlights if they are not related or suitable

  1.       What does the ‘’save a story to archive’’ option mean?

The ‘’Save a story archive’’ option is available on Instagram. It helps the user to save their stories in their profile. This feature enables them to see them whenever they want.

  1.       How many times can we view Instagram highlights?

Instagram does not have any feature that can tell how many times a user has watched your highlights. Although it gives you the total count of views on all your highlights. But no user name is showcased there.

  1.   Does Instagram notify who viewed your highlights?

No, Instagram does not notify you when someone views your highlights. And also there is no feature for that. The reason behind it is that it will create a mess. Whenever someone will view your story you will receive a notification. This might be frustrating for many people.


Finally, we are concluding our discussion on this question. Can you see who views your highlights on Instagram? Along with it, we have touched on other relevant aspects in a very detailed manner. So that you can be very clear in your mind about all these questions.

We hope that you are now able to create your highlight in your profile. Now you can watch them and refresh all your memories again in your mind.


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