Funny things to comment on Instagram

Funny things to comment on Instagram; A fact base overview of the comments

No doubt, Instagram is a remarkable social media app. It is the ultimate app to entertain yourself. Similarly, we know that Instagram allows its users to post pictures, videos, stories, and IGTV videos. These are basically for your followers. And if the account is public everyone from everywhere can see and comment on them.

In this article, we are going to present to you the top fun things to comment on, on Instagram. Additionally, we will discuss all the sections separately in detail. It means now you can easily get an evaluation of what type of comments you should write on different people in your surroundings.

For that, we have done great research to find the best and random funny things to comment on Instagram. Go for every section and get the best fantastic and top-class quotes for all kinds of posts of your friends, boyfriends, couples, etc.

So, these funny Instagram comments and captions will make your followers laugh hard. Now by adding these wonderful captions and comments you will see incredulous improvements on your Instagram posts.

If you want to grab all the love, attention and hearts copy paste these comments under your posts. Now, no more wait let us start our detailed list for you guys.

Funny things to comment on Instagram

We desire to make everyone laugh, particularly, people who are around us. In this regard, we do several things. And today, social media apps are connecting us in our busy lives. Before telling some very funny and interesting comments and captions. We will tell you what the captions are and for what purpose they are used.

A caption is any descriptive line or quote that we use under our post. In most cases, it is very relevant to the post on your Instagram account. Although it can be funny, sad, romantic, or anything neutral. But in this article, our main focus is on the funny comments and captions that you can type under the posts of Instagram.

For the convenience of our readers, it is appropriate to make further sections depending upon the variability of the category. In this way, you can simply head towards that specific section and go through the most hilarious and attractive comments and captions.

Instagram comments and captions; Couples

 Now as we are heading to the funny things to comment on Instagram. The first section is about the couple’s posts on Instagram. If you are looking for the most hilarious and perfect Instagram. We always assume that couples share romantic and love moments with each other. But it does not go this way every time.

Though you have captured a funny moment in your camera, do not hold yourself back. Post it on your Instagram account and share an amazing and lively thing with your friends and family. Furthermore, a funny caption under that post will be a cherry on top. Now, it’s time to read the most top-notch funny captions and comments.

  1. A great girlfriend means great expenses
  2. Hey! Marry both of you and know each other. This will last for infinity
  3. I would rather be in a Range Rover or a relationship
  4. Newton’s law: you can neither create love nor destroy it. although it transfers from one girl to another with a loss of money
  5. My girlfriend dresses up to kill me the same way she cooks the food.
  6. For every man’s success, there is a woman behind. But of every successful man, there is always another woman.
  7. Fall asleep rather than falling in love
  8. My wife is like a chocolate, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter
  9. I hate maths but still one plus one reminds me of me and you.
  10. Do you know what will look good on me? You.
  11. I love pancakes but now I only want to eat you.
  12. He doesn’t like to make things long, but only at our honeymoon party.
  13. Why do I consider myself blessed when my wife is my dinner.
  14. I always want to live with you like a wave of the ocean.
  15. She will always love you back like a yoyo.

Instagram comments and captions; Friends

Friends are the most precious gift from God. They are the ultimate way to shatter all your worries. And spending every moment with them is worth capturing and memorable. Admit that you love your friends and want to be with them for the rest of your life.

Hence, if you want to make more fun on your account, the best thing is to post a picture perfectly describing your friendship. Now to make justice with that picture select any of the captions or comments from the list below. These are the top fun things to comment on friends’ Instagram.

  1. I know you are very sensitive my friend. But do not worry I will Sensodyne to your sensitivity
  2. I cry you cry. You laugh, I laugh. You jump from a tall cliff, no I am good here.
  3. My friends are like Oreos. Always good stuff inside
  4. I pray that we stay good friends until we die. But how about we become ghosts, stay together and scare people?
  5. I sometimes assume that what’s tighter, our friendship or my jeans?
  6. As soon as I saw you I thought he is my life adventure going to happen in my life.
  7. People fall in love but my friends fall on the floor.
  8. I am a handsome, charming, and well-maintained guy. Now laugh if you know me
  9. Your friend will be your friend until a girl walks in.
  10. A friend is a friend until he has some of your creepy pictures
  11. People’s friends buy them lunch. My friends eat mine all.
  12. My friends are like slimes, stick to me, never go anywhere.
  13. The best thing is to judge people sitting with a friend.
  14. My friends are always troubling babies in the house.
  15. My friend can share his lunch with me, but why not his girlfriend.

These were the top fun things to comment on Instagram pictures of your soulmate. We hope you are full of new thoughts and comments to make them feel special.

Instagram comments and captions; Food

It is a matter of fact, that people post everything on their Instagram accounts. Similarly, it is now becoming a trend to post food pictures on your Instagram account. So in this section, we will be covering the funny things to comment on Instagram for food items.

Here is the list, let’s jump straight into these hilarious comments and captions.

  1. I am eating this cake because it’s someone’s birthday somewhere.
  2. A light in the fridge is my best friend. It helps me find snacks at the midnight
  3. Hey! Have some cookies otherwise, I will eat them all.
  4. I am drinking this coffee to refresh you in the morning
  5. Christmas is around the corner. But it’s a pizza place here.

This section was all about some lovely and funny things to comment on Instagram Reddit. Of course, one can create some more hilarious ones on their own. Till that you can use them and have an enjoyable conversation in the comment box.

Instagram comments and captions; Cute

No doubt, cute things are always a piece of attraction. And people spontaneously stop at a cute picture or post. For that, we are giving you a list of some cute captions and comments. Use them for your cute lovely posts.

A cute picture is not enough at all. It always needs a cute caption with it so that it gets full compliments. Read through the cutest and funny captions and comments down on the list.

  1. Why am I seeing stars of the universe twinkling in your eyes?
  2. You are a perfect person with a beautiful heart and a perfect smile.
  3. You are not an ordinary person, so never let anyone treat you this way.
  4. Her soul is like a fire but she has a graceful heart
  5. She is like a rainbow in the clouds
  6. He is always wearing a crown like a king.
  7. Always live your life like a wave, moving forward with tremendous passion.
  8. Never let anyone decide for you, you are the king of your kingdom.
  9. Be the one, who sparkles the lives of people around them.
  10. Be the real version of yourself.


In the end, we are now very much sure that you have got the funniest things to comment on Instagram posts. Add fun and spice to your life by making your special ones laugh. This will make you more happy and lively in your life.

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