House Remodel vs Moving: Which is the Better Option?

If you find yourself asking the question “should I remodel the house or just move to a new one”, it means there are things you want to strive to achieve (in a better way). If you want to move, check out these auto insurance as the prices are lower and the houses are beautiful.
It’s no surprise that people opt for remodeling their house from time to time to keep it updated and stylish. But sometimes the constant repairs and renovations can cost you more than actually buying a new one or even moving to a new location!  

Financially, the sense of moving to a new home sounds better than fixing an old home. However, 79% of the people prefer to remodel but sometimes the needs aren’t often met due to external factors. 

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That’s why societies like Lahore smart city are now trending in real estate for those people who are interested in buying a new home right away. However, if you are skeptical about whether to remodel or move keep the following factors in mind. 

1- Cost-effective option 

People want cost-effective options when it comes to remodeling a house. If so, consider the cost of materials, labor faced when remodeling. If planning to move, keep the cost of the new home in mind which will also include the mortgage and monthly taxes too. 

In case your home needs more repairs, moving might become a better option. 

2- Permits 

According to the regulation in your current neighborhood, you may not need a permit to remodel a house like changing the interior cosmetic fixes, or refinishing the floor -[ unless you live in a rented apartment having a permit becomes necessary. 

If you live in a housing society and need to change the exterior of the home you live in, a permit may also be required at that time. So do check the permits and regulations for a house remodeling. 

3- Architectural plans 

When a permit is required, you also can be asked to submit the architectural plan too to ensure that the costs mentioned are the same as you have told them. However, when it comes to moving to a new home, you do not encounter such troubles at all! Just renting a movers company and driving yourself to the new place matters. 

4- Financial costs 

So remodeling may seem like a good option (if that’s what you want) but have you come up with any financial plan? If not paying in cash, come up with the financing solutions like refinancing, cash-out refinancing, getting a home equity line of credit, and so on.  

Remember, home remodeling always comes up with hidden costs too you didn’t expect. Moving may seem a long process but it is less hectic as compared to extra costs. 

5- Real estate market trends 

Before planning to move, do research about the current and new real estate conditions in both areas. The local real estate market can shed some insight about the specific neighborhoods i.e. which ones are best to renovate or to sell. 

If living in the hot real estate market, selling makes more sense than house remodeling. A hop with good condition sells faster so keep the home’s marketability in mind too. 

6- Emotional attachment 

People usually have emotional attachments with the home they were brought up in. The childhood memories created can result in a strong sense of emotional attachment to the house. It can have a huge impact on your decision to move. 

Plus, if you have kids, your current home might be near to school, it could be possible that you like your neighbors. The sense of belonging often can have long-term effects in case you plan to move. 

7- Realistic goals 

You may feel remodeling will ease your headache but sometimes the opposite may happen. Some things just cannot be fixed with the house renovation. For instance, if your neighbors are the “complainers” they will be inconsiderate of your house renovations due to the loud noise unless the private school is an option you may have to send your kids to public school and so on. 

Consider these points before renovation begins. If not living in the desired society, moving is deemed appropriate in this case. 

Prioritizing your personal needs over financial needs may not always work, therefore these factors are a good reminder to reassess your priorities. Accordingly, to them, you can only decide whether recouping is a good idea or not.

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