Signs of Insomnia and How to Help You Sleep Well

In the list of trending disorders of the current times, Insomnia will surely come in the top 5. A few decades ago, rarely one was heard of suffering from insomnia. If someone suffered from insomnia it was cured automatically without even taking medications such as Modalert 200. It is not a virus or infection that is spread from outside but insomnia is the result of an improper lifestyle due to our own mistakes. Hence, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Insomnia patients can also be seen in suspense thriller movies where these characters are seen suddenly changing behaviour and failing to sleep during the night and ultimately end up committing a crime.

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Someone may just laugh at it but these symptoms may get real if within time Insomnia is not treated. Insomnia is not a disorder caused suddenly but it happens due to constant damage to the sleep cycle. But can we get to know the symptoms of insomnia at an early stage so that we can prevent it from becoming a disorder? To find out the answer to queries regarding insomnia read the article till the end. We shall also discuss the possible ways to sleep well and cure insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a medical condition or disorder in which the sleep cycle of the person is affected. In normal situations, a person rests at night and works during the day. But due to various reasons discussed later, this sleep cycle is disturbed and the person intending to sleep at night remains awake sometimes till morning. Thus, when the person wakes up in the morning, he/she is still exhausted because of poor sleep.

Such a situation if continued for weeks and months can be dangerous for overall health, even causing depression and suicide. So, never underestimate any disorder and especially the ones related to mental health as it indirectly affects the whole body.


  • Not being able to sleep at night. Remaining awake for several hours after lying on the bed. Sometimes you may be extremely tired but then also you remain awake.
  • Waking up suddenly from sleep and then failing to fall asleep again. A sound sleep is not obtained as the person wakes up numerous times from sleep, this results in high-stress levels and poor mental health. Such a person cannot focus and concentrate fully on work or studies because of sleepiness and dizziness throughout the day.
  • You have many things going in mind all the time and this may impact your sexual performance in bed. A person with a shortage of sleep and disturbed will surely be less productive in bed. So, from now on if you fail to satisfy your wife insomnia could be one of the reasons.
  • If people around you say that you change mood suddenly and frequently. This change of mood may come with short-term memory loss. These symptoms ring an alert bell because these are fatal ones and can cause immense damage.

How to help insomnia patients sleep well?

Well, the first step and the easiest one is to take pills like Modvigil 200 and Waklert 150. Most insomnia patients find it more convenient because the patient has to only take a few pills and they fall asleep as soon as they lie in the bed. But the question is, is this solution of insomnia feasible? As we all know these drugs are chemicals at the end of the day so, if not instantly then in the long run the tablets will definitely cause side effects. It is cent per cent true that Artvigil 150 and such drugs cure insomnia but they should be used as the last option. If we can make people fall asleep naturally then why take pills?

  • To fall asleep faster try getting a hot shower before going to bed. Bathing with hot water increases the body temperature, then coming into the bedroom where the temperature is higher creates a sudden change in the temperature that is sensed by the body. This signals the brain to fall asleep faster. So, your chances of falling asleep are higher after a warm shower.
  • Working hard physically stretches the muscles and results in the release of sweat. The body thus needs rest for which the brain goes into sleep mode instantly. So, play your favourite outdoor sport, or go to the gym or join a dance class etc.
  • Eat a light dinner to fall asleep quickly. Avoid taking cholesterol-rich food at dinner and consume the meal 3 hours before going to bed. Eating and directly going to bed will result in indigestion which will prevent you from sleeping.
  • If no other method is improving the situation, then use Waklert 150. The drug can be addictive so, continue making changes in your lifestyle along with taking a pill. This will cure insomnia faster.

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