How Come Jordan Shoes are So Popular?

Australia is a country with a population of around 26 million people. Although the most popular sport in the country is football, basketball has also been gaining popularity among many Australians.

One name that anybody can associate with the sport is Michael Jordan. So whether you’re a fan of the sport, everybody knows about his sneaker brand.

Jordan Australia sneakers are a go-to brand for sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads alike. What makes them so popular? Read more to find out why.

The Jordan Mentality

Before Jordans became popular, MJ was known as the best basketball player. He is known to play even when he’s sick and pulls many clutch shots in his games.

Before Michael Jordan came to the court, everybody didn’t know that a person of his skill and talent existed. His love for the game made people admire him more.

Most people refer to Michael Jordan’s attitude in playing basketball as “Jordan Mentality”. Other than exceptional skills and talent, he has shown dedication unlike any other basketball player in his time.

It’s no surprise that people want to copy his sneakers.

Jordan Shoes are Valuable

A sneaker’s value depends highly on the hype surrounding it. Once the hype decreases, so does the value of the shoe.

However, this does not happen with Jordans. As a result, jordans are the ultimate investment if you’re a sneakerhead.

Many people resell Jordans because of the return they get from them. For example, the Air Jordan 1 University Blue retailed for 170 USD. However, resellers were able to sell it at around 500 USD.

In 2021, StockX revealed that the most favourite sneaker in Australia was the Air Jordan 1 Mid Chicago’ Toe”, followed by four more Air Jordan variations in the top five.

The value behind the shoes gives its popularity and vice versa. It is also popular because they are valuable.

The Shoes Have a Rich History

Jordan Australia has so much historical value in them. Each shoe has a different backstory that makes it irresistible to copy.

Another factor that adds value to the shoe is its backstory and colourway. For example, Michael Jordan wore so many different shoes in many memorable games that his pictures wearing the shoes are iconic up to this day.

The Air Jordan brand has existed since 1985, so it’s only natural that it has a rich history. Every shoe that collectors keep is representative of Michael Jordan and his legendary basketball career.

However, even though you weren’t there to experience MJ’s era in basketball, you can still relive it through Jordans. Seeing him wear the shoes in pictures makes them an exciting buy.

The Jordan Shoe Game is Priceless

The Australian market for sneakers has grown as competitive as the United States. Almost 20 years ago, the only known place to buy sneakers was Foot Locker.

Sneaker culture has been one of the most popular and oldest cultures since the 1970s. Its origins may be related to the rise of hip-hop in music.

As time went by, more people took an interest in sneaker collecting. Sneaker collecting escaped from the hip-hop bubble and remains one of the essential aspects of pop culture to date.

Collecting sneakers, for some, is more than fashion. Many sneakerheads purchase Jordans as collectibles; they display the shoes and glass or plastic cases for the sole purpose of collecting.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to wear your kicks or keep them in pristine condition. Michael Jordan has created a culture where everybody aims for one thing: wearing or collecting Jordans. 

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