How do you choose the perfect men’s cardigans for yourself?

Don’t let anyone convince you that men’s cardigans aren’t suitable. Men’s cardigans are timeless and must be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If you’re a guy who has never sported a cardigan, you’re missing out on a versatile piece of clothing. Relax, stop fretting about whether or not the nice, open-fronted sweater looks macho, and learn to wear it like a gentleman. Fit, structure, and flexibility should all be considered when purchasing a cardigan, whether it’s your first or twentieth.

How do you buy a cardigan?

How can you differentiate a man’s cardigan, a woman’s cardigan or a featureless “unisex” clothing because both sexes use them? Your first point of reference will be the fit – anything that is excessively snug against your skin is most likely intended for women.

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When buttoned-up, a decent cardigan must have a slight soft drape at your shoulders and be low enough to hide your belt. Buttons that are large, round, or adorned are also a design meant to be worn by women. Men’s cardigans should include a zipper, wooden “toggles,” or small buttons.

The zipper is the least formal, transforming it into something like a hoodie, so tread carefully. Zipped cardigans are acceptable as informal outer layers, but they would look a bit silly when worn beneath a decent blazer or with quality slacks.

The essentials of a good cardigan

The fit should be relaxed but not sagging: The sweater is too big if the shoulder seams come down the bicep at all. But not your pant pockets; the bottom hem should cover your waistline. It should be buttoned tight enough so that you don’t get a significant droop in front of your torso when you lean forward. Instead of a looser fit, try for an oversized shawl neckline if you want a more relaxed style. It’ll give you the blanket-like extra material you could want in a sweater while still looking fantastic.

All clothing should be checked for quality: Give the wool a good feel and consider how much you’ll enjoy wearing it. Without a collared, long-sleeved shirt, anything scratchy will be hard to wear. While this is good for layering, the scratchy wool limits the cardigan’s versatility. A poorly-made sweater will also have loose seams and any “pilling” (little balls of wool that develop when you scrape the jacket surface).

Flexibility refers to how well it will fit into your outfit: You don’t want to purchase something that matches your existing wardrobe, and you also don’t want to purchase something that doesn’t match anything. The most versatile colours are dark greys, blues, and earth tones, which are also the most general; brighter hues are more eye-catching but not very flexible. Consider whether you need more trustworthy core pieces to construct your wardrobe around or flashy accent pieces to compliment your current fundamentals.

As fall and winter approach, a few good cardigans will be among the best clothing items you can add to your collection. If you haven’t already, start thinking about it, and if you have, congrats: you’ve already acquired some crucial wardrobe elements for being a well-dressed gentleman.

A good men’s cardigan should have a taper that compliments the body, with the narrowest part under the rib cage and the widest part down towards the hips, giving your chest a tapered shape. It won’t have the same sharp, exact lines as a suit coat, but it will achieve the same look in a softer, more relaxed way.


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