How many lakes one sees in the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek?

Kashmir is blessed with many beautiful lakes which add extravagance to its picturesque landscapes. In this blog you can know about the various lakes one can come across during the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

The names of the lakes of Kashmir make an impressive list hence, we have mentioned their names here in a list form for you:

  • Anchar Lake
  • BrariNambal
  • Dal Lake
  • Gadsar Lake
  • Gangabal Lake
  • Gil Sar
  • Hokersar
  • Kausar Nag
  • Khanpursar
  • Khushal Sar
  • Krishansar Lake
  • Manasbal Lake
  • Mansar Lake
  • Marsar Lake
  • Nandan Sar Lake
  • Nigeen Lake
  • Nundkol Lake
  • Satsar Lake
  • Sheshnag Lake
  • Surinsar Lake
  • Tarsar Lake
  • Tulian lake
  • Vishansar Lake
  • Wular Lake

The Kashmir Seven Lakes trek is like experiencing paradise on earth. Also known as the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek or the KGL trek, this trek is an attraction, included in some of the Kashmir tour packages.

A variety of Kashmir tour packages are available for trekkers but the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek holds a special place. Trekking region for the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is located in the district of Ganderbal in the western Himalayan Range of Jammu and Kashmir. This trek can be completed in 7- 9 days. One needs to climb an altitude of 2800 to 4300 meters approximately. The trekking distance covered in this trail is from Sonamarg to Naranag Valley which is 76 km. This trek is usually graded as a ‘cross country high altitude difficult level trek’.

Kashmir tour packages will mention that the best time for this trek is around July To Mid-September. The trek starts at Sonamarg and ends at Naranag.

Though all Kashmir tour packages may not follow the same trail as given here but most often this is the tried and tested trail for the Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek. Cliffhangers India offers special itineraries for its enthusiastic trekkers and tourists. You can definitely check the itinerary of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek by Cliffhangers India. For now, we tell you about the common trail route followed for the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek by most Kashmir tour packages and the different lakes that one comes across on this trek:

  • Sind Valley SonamargShitkadi (Altitude 2800 m)

The journey starts from Srinagar to Sonamarg generally by a cab with a 3 hours drive. With an overnight camp stay at the foothills of Tajwais glacier and the bank of river Sindh, the trekkers can acclimatize.

  • Nichnai Valley (Altitude 3500 m)

Sonamarg to Nichnai is almost a 6 hours trek covering a distance of 11 km. The trail goes from Sonamarg to Shekdur. This trail is a chance to see the long pine trees, vast pastures covered with lush green grass, white mountain, and glacier stream that runs along the way. The trail passes through the silver birch forest and finally leads to the boulders route to Nichnai valley.

  • Vishansar Lake (Altitude-4000 m)

Nichnai to Vishansar alpine lake takes 7 hours for the trek and covers a distance of 13 km. This route starts from Nichinai valley, in which the first 3 hours require climbing up to the steep Nichnai pass. Nichnai Pass is almost 4000 meters high. The meadows en route are dotted with spectacular wildflowers and the view of the great Himalayan mountains is magical. Descending gradually to the Vishansar Lake campsite is next on the list. This is the first Alpine lake in Kashmir Great Lakes.

  • Vishansar and Krishansar Lake

Vishansar to Krishansar alpine lake is a short hiking tour and one can do sightseeing, fishing, trout angling, etc. The meadows surrounding the lake are very beautiful.

Yamsar and GadsarLake ,(Altitude 4300 m)

Vishansar to Gadsar alpine lake takes 8 hours and covers a distance of 16 km. This can be a difficult day for everyone. You need the best weather to cross the Gadsar pass. The track starts from Vishansar. The first climb to Krishansar lake is easy. From Krishansar lake, it takes two hours to ascend to Gadsar pass 4300 meters. This is a steep ascend. From this pass, the actual paradise begins with the view of the magical great lakes. On a clear bright day, the magnificent view of Yamsar lake and the Nanga Parvat is stunning. Gadsar meadows and the wildflowers surrounding the lake look astonishing. Wildflowers, glaciers, rare herbs, and wild animals are the real beauty of this trail.

  • Satsar Lake (Altitude 3400 m)

Gadsar to Satsar alpine lake trek takes 4 hours and covers a distance of 10 km. The trail starts from the Gadsar campsite. After crossing the snow bridge there is a moderate ascend to Kustoorkut, on the opposite of Kustoorkut, a beautiful settlement of Nomadic hamlet called Jawdora can be met. After Kustoorkut, a left curve makes you arrive at the Satsaran campsite. On the way to reach the campsite, one can visit Satsar lake.

  • Harmukh Peak and Gangabal Lakes (Altitude 4000 m)

Megandob to Gangabal twin alpine great lakes takes 6 hours for the trek and covers a distance of around 11 km. The trail starts by climbing from Mengandob to Zaji pass which takes around 3 hours. From Zaji pass one can experience the stunning beauty of the twin lakes of Gangabal and Nandkol (also called Nandi Kund) and an optimal view of Mount Harmukh that has 5400 meters altitude with a splendid lake to add to the scenery is Khoulsar lake. There are also some other small lakes to view from the pass. You must have already pictured in your mind’s eye how beautiful the scene would be. Zaji pass is a difficult descent. It is difficult up to the Gangabal campsite.

  • Naranag Village and Temple (Altitude 2200 m)

Gangabal to Naranag valley is a 6 hours trek and covers a distance of 15 km. The path starts with an easy walk up to Trundkhul, Budshare ridge, and from the ridge, a difficult 4 hours descent begins that goes on up to the Naranag valley. After reaching Naranag, one can visit the 4000-year-old Naranag temple.

By watching the remains of the Naranag temple is how one can imagine its original state and beauty. After a visit to the Naranag temple, the return drive to Srinagar can begin. The view of and from the Nangaparbat peak which stands tall at a height of 8,126 meters (26,660 ft) from Kustoorkut is breathtaking.

Thus, in the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek one sees seven beautiful lakes, which are:

  • Vishansar
  • Krishansar
  • Gadsar
  • Satsar
  • Yamsar
  • Gangabal
  • NundKol

In Kashmir, apart from the lakes in this trek, TarsarMarsar Trek has some beautiful alpine lakes like Tarsar lake, Marsar lake, Sundersar lake etc.

If you are interested in knowing further about what can be explored and experienced in Kashmir, please surf through the Cliffhangers India website and contact Cliffhangers India to know about some really exciting offers and customized Kashmir tour packages made to fulfill your Kashmir travel desires!

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