What is PRINCE2 practitioner equivalent to?

A PRINCE 2 Practitioner Certification is for anyone involved with project planning and management. It can be used by anyone managing projects, regardless of their project manager title. The role of a PRINCE 2 Practitioner is to manage and control projects using a process based approach.

PRINCE 2 Practitioners use the PRINCE 2 framework to carry out project planning and management activities. To achieve the PRINCE 2 Practitioner credential, candidates need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE 2 framework and its application, as well as an ability Prince2 practitioners to demonstrate competence in managing projects. The course focuses on the application of PRINCE 2, rather than the theoretical framework.

PRINCE 2 Practitioners may manage all kinds of projects including internal projects, IT projects, commercial projects and strategic projects. These roles vary in size, but they usually involve at least one project of over $200,000.

Project managers (PMs) and team leaders (TLs) can gain PRINCE 2 Practitioner certification. They are responsible for the overall management of projects, with PMs having a greater level of involvement in project management activities. Project leaders (PLs) have a similar role as TLs, but they are also responsible for leading teams, which are sub-groups of the project.

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