How Seniors Can Live Life Meaningfully  

How Seniors Can Live Life Meaningfully  

Old age is a blessing. The blessing is the level of experience and knowledge you hold. However, you may not perform optimally. Being a senior should be a happy moment if you find meaning. Retirement is the end of adulthood and the start of old age. The phase is a heavy change from active to sluggish, which is sometimes affected by social structure.  



Old age is another trial and error phase to make meaning for yourself. Having a meaningful life will create fullness and happiness as a senior. You can start by creating projects, learning and exploring, mingling, and staying active.

There are many ways to make life more meaningful, and it works differently for people. Here are some things to make life more meaningful as a senior. 


Being mindful of the moment is a start in having a meaningful life as an older person. Mindfulness makes you aware and conscious of your life. You can harness and explore your skills, new habits, and feelings if you’re mindful of your life. There will be clarity in your path and a sense of direction or belonging.  

You will experience happiness and emotional improvement over negative emotions, increasing optimism and overall health, and creating a meaningful life. Meditation has been seen as an effective way to become mindful of your life. The practice makes meaning in life.  

You can sit still and focus on your breathing while thoughts arise and watch them pass without judgment. Also, you can be mindful of activities you engage in like walking, washing, etc. 

Recognize and Treat Signs of Depression 

Depression is caused by stress and anxiety and is common in most people. It can result from unemployment, kids, retirement home, illness or pain, death of a loved one, medication, disease, cognitive impairment, or dependence. Stress is the primary cause of depression and can be through proper guidance.   

Incontinence issue in an adult is another common cause of depression. One can use adult diapers to manage incontinence issues so that mingling with others will not be a problem.  

Depression is not part of aging but affects life’s meaning. Here are some common symptoms of depression. 

  • Persistent sadness 
  • Feelings of hopelessness 
  • Irritability 
  • Loss of interest 
  • Fatigue 
  • Sleeping and Concentrating disruption 
  • Irregular aching and pains   


Stay Physically Active  

Staying active maintains body muscle and reduces the effect of aging. Medline Plus reveals that exercise makes you active and improves balance and mood but reduces anxiety and depression. Exercise prevents symptoms of some diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. 

CDC recommends participating in any exercise but sets 150 minutes for moderate-intense aerobic activity each week, 30 minutes each day. It also advises participating in muscle-toughening exercises twice a week. 



Family life  

Family creates a sense of meaning in our life as a senior. The love created by family is immeasurable and improves our social life. Many older adults experience no care from their families due to distance or other conditions. These family absences can be detrimental to the health and meaning of a senior.  

As a senior, you can rest on the accomplishment of raising your kids and being a pillar in their lives. Your family is there to offer emotional and physical support. Visit your kids, play with your grandkids, visit the park or watch a movie with the family. These activities with family can create meaning in life and boost happiness. It is recommended you talk to family or partner often to avoid the feeling of isolation. Stay connected to family to help live a meaningful life.   

Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Quit Smoking 

There are guidelines formed by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2015–2020 on the level of alcohol to be consumed by a senior – a drink for women and two for men each day.  

However, the recent recommendation published in 2020 by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee insists that men take a glass a day.  

Smoking is associated with heart diseases. Quitting smoking will lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, lung damage, or cancer and improve the immune system. 

Take Medication as Directed by Your Doctor 

Finally, as a senior, endeavor to take your medication as prescribed by the doctor. Also, remember to perform a regular checkup with your care doctor and discuss any changes you are experiencing.  

Regular medication can become hard to comply with as you get confused about the process and dosage to take, leading to overdose or other adverse effects. See your doctor before embarking on a new drug. Your doctor will review the medication and may offer alternatives to suit the situation you are experiencing. The pharmacist is also available to help with information concerning your medication and its side effects and reactions. 




It is easy to find meaning in life as a senior if you dedicate some time to these few steps. Having meaning in life creates a sense of purpose and increases morale in achieving extra accomplishments. Go to bed early to wake up on time, relax, take a walk, and have deep thoughts on life and finding meaning. 


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