How To Perfectly Do Manicure at Home 

How To Perfectly Do Manicure at Home 


What is it about getting a proper manicure that makes it a calming experience? You can surely do the best at-home manicure if you have the tools. If you want a nice manicure but don’t wish to spend cash on one, you may do it yourself. Trim and polish your fingertips before painting them to achieve the best look. You can perform a stunning, salon-quality manicure yourself with the appropriate tools and a little patience.

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  • Steps To Perfectly Do Manicure at Home: 


  1. Clean the nails 


To get a beautiful manicure at home, spend more time preparing your nails as you paint them. That involves using an excellent nail paint remover to begin. You may use builder gel nails colors to make your hands look attractive 

Ensure the nails are clean; any residual polish will result in a less smooth finish. Even if you don’t have nail paint on, you should wipe each nail with a cotton swab to eliminate any grease or dirt that can cause your polish to distort. Remember to clean your hands afterward with soapy water. 

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  1. Cut 


To begin, clean your hands with mild soap, and then use a good grade nail paint remover and a light cotton ball to eliminate old nail color. Cut the nails straight through to shorten them, then trim the edges into the form you like. You can go classic with a circular or square form or opt for a trendier look with an almond or ballerina shape. 


  1. File 


To create a clean finish, rubbing the filer on the sides of the fingernail in the same direction will remove the rough edges. Swiping the filer in multiple directions might cause the nails to rip. 



  1. Pull your cuticles back 


To remove dead tissue and smoothen the area, you can use a cuticle remover. Then, using the stick, press back. Such manicure sticks are best for cleaning below nail tips as well. Avoid trimming your cuticles since they protect your fingernails from germs and make them soft. 


  1. Exfoliate hands 


Gently scrub your hands and forearms to remove dead skin cells while also replenishing moisture. Remove any dirt from under the nails with the stick once more. After that, carefully wash and dry your hands. 


  1. Moisturize hands 


To avoid smearing almost-dry nail paint later, moisturize now—a luxurious, light option to hand lotion that also hydrates cuticles. Give yourself a short hand massage — just since you’re not in a salon doesn’t mean you can’t unwind for a few minutes. Swipe every nail with nail paint remover to remove any remaining residue. 



  1. Base Coat  


Use a base coat to nourish and preserve your nails. Then relax for a while. The base coat is often clear, although it can also be a neutral color. It’s OK both ways. 

To provide a good foundation for the nail color, carefully apply your transparent base coat to every nail. The coating will guarantee that your color is uniform and streak-free. Allow five minutes for the coat to sit before proceeding. 


  1. Plan your color application 


Paint a coat of your chosen color onto your nail. Be careful to get the paintbrush all straight down to the cuticle. The first coat’s maximum range makes the second coating a pleasure. Many of us use too much pressure on the brush and make too many sweeps. The idea is to load the brush with just enough polish to fill the fingernail in one layer. Apply a new layer of nail paint after two minutes. 


For flawless application, sheer or pastel colors will require an additional coat but bear in mind that thick layers will cover the nails faster. They’re prone to leaving imprints or chipping, so stick to smooth and thin coats. 


  1. Apply a top coat to finish 


A topcoat prevents your manicure from cracking and adds gloss to the nails; the paintwork you have worked hard on will reduce the lifespan. Take caution when applying the topcoat, as a sloppy application can damage the entire manicure. 

Follow up with a different shine enhancer to provide your nails with that true mirror-like gloss you get at the spa. 


  1. Allow the nails to dry after cleaning up any rough edges 


Put a cotton ball drenched in nail paint remover on the cuticle stick and gently trace over the fingernails to clean up any flaws or uneven edges. Fold one of your nail paint remover wipes into a triangle for better application. Wait for five minutes for your nails to dry before showing them off and shocking everybody by disclosing they’re DIY. 


  • Advantages of getting a manicure 


Since you use your hands for everything, they are the dirtiest and dirt-prone portions of our bodies. Scrubbing the hands helps to remove the dirt that gathers in your fingernails with time, leading to illness. Manicures regularly help to keep dirt, bacteria, and waste at bay. 

What happens after a fantastic massage? An indulgent dosage of relaxation. An excellent massage works on the physical muscles while calming your complete body by touching all the pressure areas on your hand and fingertips. 




When completing a manicure, remember several things, such as moisturizing your fingers after using a nail paint remover, as the latter will dehydrate your hands. Also, never leave nail polish on for more than two weeks, as this will cause discoloration. Allow your nails to stay ‘polish-free’ for a week before adding an extra coat. 






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