How to Build a Text-Based Loyalty Program in Canada

A text-based engagement program is a great way to increase loyalty and customer retention. In the age of smartphones, texting is an effective and efficient form of communication. It’s also one that many people enjoy more than email or phone calls. Text messages are easy to understand, they don’t take up much time, and they can be used on a variety of devices. Here are some suggestions to help you create your own text-based loyalty program for text message marketing canada.

Get a list of your customers’ cell phone numbers

Getting a list of your customers’ cell phones is the first step to building a text-based loyalty program.  You can do this by creating an offer on your website and requesting the contact information from interested parties. You can also use an online phone book or take information from your current customer list.

Create a text message template

You can create a text message template in advance that will be sent at specific intervals. For example, you could send a text message every time the customer makes a purchase or every Sunday morning to thank them for their business.

Schedule text messages to be sent out at the right time

The best time to schedule a text-based campaign is when people are most likely to read them. This may be when they have time to or right after they make a purchase. You can also send out texts before you send out emails or phone calls, giving your customers a heads up that you are trying to contact them and they need to respond.

Connect with your customers through texting

Text-based loyalty programs are a great way to connect with your customer base. You can offer rewards, coupons, and prizes to those who participate in your text-based loyalty program. By rewarding your customers for their participation, you’re encouraging them to continue interacting with your business through texting.

One of the most important parts of this is consistency and reliability. Customers should know that the rewards will be delivered, on time, every time. When it comes to texting, reliability is key for fostering customer satisfaction.

Sending reminders

It’s important to send reminders, especially if your customers are members of the loyalty program. One way to do so is by sending a text message reminder when someone is running low on points. For example, you could send a text message reminding them that they only have five days left to redeem their points for a prize before their account expires. It’s also important to send these reminders in advance rather than waiting until it’s too late.


Mobile marketing is important for any business looking to grow. A text loyalty program is a low-cost way to reach your customers and build a stronger connection with them. With just a little time and effort, you can quickly develop a text-based loyalty program for your company.

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