How to prepare for the SBI Clerk Syllabus in 3 months?

The State Bank of India releases the SBI Clerk Recruitment Process open to all eligible candidates. Interested applicants should begin preparing for the SBI Clerk Exam as soon as possible. The SBI examination is difficult to pass and requires detailed study.

Candidates may begin studying right away by going through the SBI Clerk preparation tips provided in the section below. A well-thought-out study plan and preparation technique are required for success in any test. You must understand your strengths to arrange your preparation for SBI Clerk. In this article, we have provided the 3 months preparation tips.

Tips to prepare for SBI Clerk Syllabus in 3 months


While studying for the SBI clerk test exam, candidates should know the relevant subjects included in each area. In addition, candidates should familiarize themselves with the most recent SBI Clerk curriculum and be aware of the relative importance of the various sections. As a result, the individual should concentrate more on questions with greater weightage.

●       Study Plan for SBI Clerks

Creating a timetable or study plan to prepare for the SBI Clerk exam is essential for the candidate. Then, consider devoting extra time to the difficult areas and putting in as many hours of practice as you can on those specific topics, particularly if the weightage is very high.

●       Read regularly

Reading regularly will benefit you not only in the general awareness element of the written test, but it will also benefit you in the group discussion and personal interview portions of the examination. Therefore, one should read at least one newspaper every day, and one should make it a practice to read a financial journal regularly. BYJU’s Exam Prep is one of the best study sources that will guide you towards your exam preparation through notes, test series, pdfs and more!

●       Understand the fundamental ideas and principles

It is important to concentrate on comprehending the ideas and mastering the fundamentals since this will assist in addressing any issue. Study materials and coaching institutions should also be selected in such a manner as to facilitate the development of a thorough knowledge of the subjects under consideration. You must go through the SBI Clerk syllabus to qualify the exam.

●       Maintain a high level of dedication

Begin with the easy questions, gradually raise the difficulty level, and practice all type of questions. Maintain consistency for your preparation.

●       Improve your ability to manage your time

 A high degree of accuracy is not sufficient to secure a good score on its own. Inaccuracy that comes at the expense of time will result in a bad score. As a result, your SBI Clerk preparation must consider your time management abilities as well. It is necessary to strike a balance between speed and precision. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you should strive to complete practice questions in a limited amount of time. If you are spending a significant amount of time on a single issue, you should revisit and study the associated ideas.


Time Table for SBI Clerk Examination

Week Topics Topics
Week 1-3 Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude
End of Week 3 1 Reasoning Ability Test + 1 Quantitative Aptitude Test + 1 Mock Test [You may alternate between these tests depending on your eligibility] 1 Mock Test
Week 4-6 English Language Quantitative Aptitude
End of Week 6 There will be one English Language test, one Quantitative Aptitude test, and one Mock Test [you may alternate between these tests depending on your eligibility].
Week 7-9 Reasoning Ability English Language
End of Week 9 1 Reasoning Ability Test + 1 English Language Test + 1 Mock Test [You may alternate between these tests depending on your suitability] 1 English Language Test + 1 Mock Test

●       Revise the most important concepts from each of the three divisions of the SBI Clerk 2021 Syllabus.

●       This week, try to complete one Reading Comprehension passage every day for the whole week.

●       Refresh the most important formulas and methods for Quantitative and Logical Reasoning.

●       Do not leap headfirst into new subjects.

Week 10-12 Every day until the day before the exam, take one to two timed practice exams. After that, refrain from attempting any exams.

●       Continue to analyze your mock exams, determine where you are still making mistakes, and make necessary improvements.

●       Determine whether or not you are capable of completing the project before the deadline.

Exam day Give your best.

A well-thought-out study strategy and preparation approach is essential for success in any exam. You must be aware of your unique strengths to plan your preparation effectively. BYJU’S Exam Prep will be your partner in preparing for SBI Clerk.

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