How to restore deleted messages on text now?

How to restore deleted messages on text now?

A detailed guide about retrieving deleted messages;


We know that all your phone data is very important to you and you never want to lose it. But imagine you lost your phone and you lost all your data?  Here is another scenario where you might break your phone and now you cannot get access to all your conversations, pictures and other necessary things on your phone. To consider all these facts, text now gives its users a very reliable and fantastic feature.  So that you can get your hands on all the data of your text now application on any device. Today’s article is all about how to restore deleted messages on text now?  

To couple with we will also discuss how you can restore all your images, documents, links and all the essential information in your text now account.  If you have lost your phone and you think that you cannot get your stuff back?  

So there is nothing to worry about, in this article you can get the detailed procedure of how to excess the important things of your text now account.

You can also see text now call history and Text now message history in the application.  Because we always keep the record of your activity in case you want it anytime.  Now let’s start our detailed guide about the retrieving of all the deleted messages of the text now app.

How to restore deleted messages on text now?

Talking about the general scenario of smartphones, all your data is connected with a SIM card or your mobile phone.  It means when your phone is lost or damaged, it is very difficult to restore the data in the device.  

Of course, no one wants to make all the records again. In this regard, text now app enables its users to open their account on any other device and continue texting and making calls to their dear ones. For instance, you have lost your device and you want to connect to your people quickly.

There is nothing to worry about, simply run to your computer, download the text now application and log in to your account. If you do not want to download the application you can easily log in to your text now account from the official website of text now.  

After signing into your account you can clearly see all the contacts, messages, and data saved in your text now profile.  From there you can easily send texts to anyone and make calls without any interruption.

Permanently deleted messages

However, if you delete the messages from your chat they are deleted permanently.  It means you cannot restore them from the app and they are gone forever.  Users can go out of the box and install other applications to restore their text, images, documents, and other essential information.

Now, you’ve got the answer about how to retrieve deleted messages on text now?  And the answer is clear that on the text now application there is no way to restore the deleted messages.

Restore all pictures on text now app

 It is a certain question that how to see old pictures on text now? Fortunately, the text now application has a strong backup system that allows its users to see all the old pictures in their account whenever they want. It means the users of text now application can easily move to the media and see all the pictures sent to your contacts. 

Additionally, you can also get all the pictures that people have sent to you on your text now account number. However, if you have deleted the pictures from the account you cannot get them back as they are permanently deleted.  

This goes the same as the messages in your text now app, once they are deleted from the application you cannot see them again. We have seen how to restore deleted messages on text now. Now, we will head towards another important section.

Text now application data

Many people think that text now data is also available on your device. But it is not right, all the messages, voicemails, pictures, documents, and other data do not go in the device. It remains in your text now account. Hence, the users can see all their data in any device in which they log in their text now account.

Frequently Asked questions

  1. Can I see text now call history online?

Definitely yes, text now users can easily see their call history online from any device.  For that, log into your text now app and tap on the call logs section. Here you can see all the calls that you have made. Furthermore, you can also see the call history of incoming calls on your text now number.

  1. How to delete messages in text now?

The user can permanently delete the text messages and voicemails in the text now application. All you need to do is, tap on the message that you want to delete. Hold it for a few seconds and it will be highlighted. If you want to deliver more than one message, tap on the other ones and select the delete option.  Finally, they vanish from your chat box.

  1. How to restore deleted messages from text now app?

 There is no way to restore through messages from text now apps once you have deleted them.  However, there are some applications in the market that allow the user to retry the deleted messages, pictures , documents, or any other information. But these required a tricky process to complete the restoration of information.

  1. Can I recover old text now number?

Text now app facilitates its users fully and in this regard, one can recover old text now numbers. Likewise, the users can also get new numbers after every fifteen days. To recover your previous number, make a call to the customer service number. The users can contact service providers from 9 am-6 pm on Monday to Friday.


In a nutshell, we are now very clear that you cannot restore the deleted messages and other data in the text now app. Still, if someone wants to grab it again, there are third-party applications that can help best in this regard.

We hope that you have got all the answers about retrieving data in the text now application.


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