How to unarchive an Instagram post?

How to unarchive an Instagram post?


A fact base overview about  unarchiving an Instagram post;

Instagram is a well-known social media platform that is in the use of millions of people worldwide. It enables people to connect anywhere in the world. Coupled with this, it provides a great deal of entertainment to its users. In this regard, there are several features that Instagram holds. We are familiar with the fact that one can post pictures,  videos,  and stories on their Instagram account. So,  information security offered to users is the prime responsibility of Instagram. Hiding or showcasing any information is the user’s personal choice. So today’s article is all about how to unarchive an Instagram post.

There is nothing permanent on Instagram. The users can make changes in their Instagram profiles according to their desire. 

Changing and updating any kind of information on an Instagram account is completely accessible to the user. And they can do it without any difficulty. Among the incredible features of Instagram,  there is an archiving option.

This feature removes your particular post that can be a video or a picture. And enabling that feature on the post will not allow your followers and other users to see that post. Let’s start our article about how to unarchive pictures on Instagram?

How to unarchive an Instagram post?

 This section will elaborate on how you can unarchive an Instagram post on your account. The procedure is very simple and quick. And you can easily get your pictures and videos unarchived by following these steps as mentioned below.

  •         First, open your Instagram app on your device.
  •         If you are logging out from your Instagram account, then enter your username and password & for the further process.
  •         Open your account and tap on your Instagram profile.
  •         By clicking on it, your profile screen will appear right in front of you. Now tap on three vertical dots. You can find them in the top right corner.
  •         Now, click on the archive option
  •         Here you will see a folder of all the archived posts of your Instagram account.
  •         Finally, select a specific post that you want to unarchive. Now tap on the unarchive Option to unarchive.
  •         Your post is now successfully available on your Instagram profile for all your followers and other users.

Now we have successfully discussed how to unarchive an Instagram post. Hence it’s time to head towards our next very important section; what is meant by unarchiving Instagram post? No problem if you are familiar with it,  but if you are a newbie, you must know about this feature of the Instagram application.

Instagram feature, archive, and unarchive.

These two Instagram features, archive and unarchive, go side by side and are opposites of each other. If you are a beginner and do not know what does archive feature mean, then let us explain this for you.

Suppose you are assuming that what does archive means on Instagram,  so it is simply hiding your post from your feed. Using the archive option of Instagram, one can remove the pictures, videos, or any other post from their Instagram profile. No matter how much time you keep, all those posts archived will remain safe in your account.

Hence it is clear that your followers and other Instagram users can not see and interact on that particular post.

On the other hand, there is an unarchive option available on Instagram. This enables the user to unarchive the post already archived on their Instagram profile.

Using the unarchive Option,  one can set back all their archived posts on their Instagram profile. Instagram will automatically showcase those posts on your feed.

 Prime things that happened after archiving the post

A certain query that wanders among the people: what are the prime things that happened after archiving the Instagram post.

So after using this feature,  all the comments and likes are back to the unarchive Instagram post. It means they are added back to your overall Instagram activity.

If you have a public account, all the users can see and engage on that particular post. Similarly, if you own a private Instagram account, your followers can interact and make comments again on the unarchived Instagram post.

Key points

  •         Unarchiving an Instagram post will let the host appear on your feed with the exact date end time uploaded on the Instagram profile.
  •         All the previous likes and comments are displayed after the unarchived Option.

The users and your followers can now reach your Instagram profile and show the interaction on that picture or video.

Instagram also allows its users to archive the same post whenever they want shortly.

If you assume that, what happens when you archive a post on Instagram?   Your post will no longer be on your feed. Consequently, the removal of all the likes and comments relevant to that specific Instagram post occurs.

Advantages of archiving and unarchiving Instagram posts

No doubt,  the users keep on thinking about what they should do to update their Instagram profiles. Although there are many features to do it but mainly the users or in confusion to delete or archive them. To keep your Instagram around updated and unaffected, archiving is the best option to go for.

If you delete the old and irrelevant content from your profile, it will affect the overall engagement of your account. Contrary to that, the archive option is an ideal friend of the Instagram user.

Firstly, it will remove any post from your feed that you do not want anymore. Secondly, all your data is safe and secure within your Instagram profile, and it does not impact your engagement in any way.

However, if you come to restore the post on your feed, it will be placed originally on the exact date. As we know, overall Instagram activity placement is in chronological order. So whenever we restore anything on the Instagram profile, it is please according to the old date and time.

 Frequently  asked  questions

  1.       How to unarchive pictures on Instagram?

Firstly open your Instagram app and log in to your Instagram account. Click on the profile and tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. After that, you will see the archive option; tap on it.

Now the folder of all the archive posts will appear in front of you. Finally, select the specific picture you want to unarchive and tap on the Option. Your Instagram picture is now on the feed.

  1.       Can we see the comments on archive posts on Instagram?

It is not possible. The users can’t see the comments and likes of archived posts.

  1.       Does archive a post affect engagement of your Instagram profile?

No, archiving a post does not affect the overall engagement of the account. Instead, the Instagram application keeps all your records and data saved on the matrices. Furthermore, one can restore them anytime on their profile.


Hence, now you are very clear about how to unarchive an Instagram post? So now it is very easy for you to use this remarkable and useful feature of Instagram. And keep your Instagram profile fully updated. To couple with it, engage your followers with premium quality content.



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