How to unread a message on Instagram?


How to unread a message on Instagram? 

 Instagram has been a top-rated social media platform used by many small and business users nowadays. One of the most common problems that users encounter is how to unread a message on Instagram. 


Want to unread messages on Instagram?  

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by users, especially those managing a business page on Instagram! I’m sure you probably want to know how to unread messages on Instagram if you use the app to communicate with your followers or business associates. I’m also sure that you understand that, unfortunately, it is impossible to do it directly. However, there are always alternatives like any other situation, where there is no direct way! And this time is not an exception! 


In addition, there are various reasons why you want to reread Instagram direct messages. One of them is that people forget to check out the inbox once they have checked the message. Thus, your communication partner doesn’t receive your answer right away, or you lose track of communication.  


For example, get a customer question and quickly respond without marking it as new. Such a question won’t appear in your DM inbox anymore. Moreover, all the following conversations will start from scratch. You will probably spend more time on an easy conversation than on more important ones. – Another big reason why 


What if you don’t have a business account?  

That’s the bad news; there is no in-app solution to this problem. If you are looking for an application to get this result, you are searching in vain. Instagram is an excellent social network where users can share pictures with friends, family members, or colleagues. But, there are some situations when you need to hide your messages or even delete them without the other person knowing. 


Instagram Business Accounts – unread DMs 

Your new Instagram inbox is a lot better than the previous one. And doesn’t let you miss important messages from your followers. As a refresher/newbie, a new version of the app has been released.

There is a little-known and unofficial feature on Instagram that you can access under the “Profile” section of the app. This feature allows you to mark your messages as unread, and it’s easy to use. But first, we need to explain what those two new tabs are on the business accounts. 

Primary & General tabs 

The Primary tab is the most recent messages in your account (from users that you follow). The General tab consists of messages from people who don’t follow your profile and messages from influencers. 

The primary inbox is for the direct messages that are sent only to you. While all other personal messages are in the “General” inbox. By default, the Instagram app automatically configures your account settings to receive only the direct messages via the “Primary” tab.  

The two inbox tabs – Primary & General – let you control what you see and manage your Instagram account more efficiently. 


When you visit your primary inbox on Instagram, messages from “followers” and “other people/brands.” Those who have sent you messages directly will be marked as “read” automatically. However, messages from businesses that you follow or that have a direct connection with you. (i.e., the business has a business account) will be marked as “unread.” 


Using the official app – unread DMs 

Are you frequently on Instagram but always get so distracted while reading messages? Here we have a creative method to help you flag cases and mark conversations as unread. It can help you achieve success in reading and replying to all your messages and concerns in the official app of Instagram. 


Do you need the steps to mark a conversation as unread? So, follow our official guide on how to mark a conversation as unread on Instagram. While you can, keep watching this article to get more tips on using your business account. 


Here we’re going to show you how to unread your notifications on Instagram without using third-party apps or changing your account settings. Sending or receiving a conversation on Instagram can be time-consuming, especially if you have many messages in the inbox.  


Do you wonder how to unread messages on Instagram? It is a simple job if you have a business account. Follow our guide, and you should quickly get it. You can mark your notification as unread just by having a business account just by these steps: 


  1. Open your Instagram inbox 
  1. On the top-right edge of the screen, tap on an icon 
  1. Now select desired chat for unread 
  1. Further, tap on the “more” button 
  1. Now, tap on the button “mark unread.” 
  1. Finally, you successfully unread for DM chat 


Without a Business Account – unread DMs 

Yup, with a bit of tinkering, you can continue to unread your messages on Instagram without a business account. 

Have you ever made your Instagram account private to ensure that the only you will be able to see your posts are your followers?   If you have restricted someone, the messages you send them will show up as message requests in their DMs, which is not cool.   


Restricting is excellent for people who are stalking you on Instagram or if you have some annoying follower that’s always tagging you.  Moreover, Restricting on Instagram can be intimidating sometimes because of the way Instagram does it.  We are used to archiving social media messages but not restricting them.  


Don’t you wish you could still read all of your messages on Instagram even if you’ve blocked someone?  

I know I do! Unfortunately, it is not possible; we can only read our messages when we follow or make them unread after we’ve read them. 


With Email– unread DMs 

One of the exciting features of Ai Grow is that using it, you can send and receive Instagram DMs from within your Email. Not just that, but while you use Ai Grow, you can communicate with more than 2000 Instagram users. While also managing your data, following users, and messaging more brands. 


Try – your personal Instagram assistant – to manage your Instagram account better overall, receive real-time notifications for DMs, mentions, and followers. Track your interactions on Instagram in a detailed report, schedule posts from other sources too, and so on. 


  1. Sign up for a free account now. 
  1. Log in to the Instagram account through the dashboard. 
  1. Choose “Manage Account” from the drop-down menu. 
  1. Ensuing, go to the “DM to Email” tab as well as enter your preferred email address. 
  1. Mark the email inbox for a confirmation of your email address. 
  1. One’s Instagram messages will now be associated with the email address. 
  1. You could also use Emails to read, respond to, send, as well as receive messages. 
  1. Presently, even though it’s just another email in the inbox, don’t worry about it. 


Wrap Up – Mark Messages as Unread on Instagram 

Instagram is an intuitive mobile app that helps you take, modify, and share photos. People use the application to share everyday moments in their lives with friends and family. 


Do you have many private messages on Instagram? Is it hard to check them with the official app?? Come grow, you can manage all your private messages in one place. Read or trash with just one key!  


Once you connect your inbox to your email account, the app will automatically label your messages as read. So you can have complete control of your inbox.  

If you are a regular Instagram user, you’d better try Ai Grow. Thus, Ai Grow is a bot that allows users without an Instagram business account to read their direct messages from other accounts via Email. 

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