Does TikTok tell you who shared your video? 

Does TikTok tell you who shared your video? 



Nope. TikTok does not give you any notifications when someone shares your account. 

Tik-Tok is an excellent social media application. Millions of users are using it for entertainment and socializing. Moreover, TikTok has become the most useful app. 


Furthermore, Bytedance, a Chinese technology company, owns the social video app. The app made its debut in September 2016, but it took off after former Vine star Thomas Sanders joined the app in November 2017. As of this writing, there are over 500 million users, making it one of the most popular apps out there. 


Furthermore, TikTok is an excellent platform for people to showcase their talents. And it offers the chance to reach fans you wouldn’t have otherwise. TikTok keeps things simple. Unlike some other social media apps, those who need not notify you or tell you who shared your video. Moreover, TikTok pro gives you access to demographics (gender, age, country).  


But your followers aren’t limited to pro users – even non-pro users follow the people they want to follow.  So it’s hard to know which followers were fans versus non-fans. Plus, there is no way to tell who exactly shared your post unless they share it on a TikTok story with their profile. So, while you can see total shares by country, you may never know precisely who shared them. 


See only specific information 

TikTok will not tell you when your video is shared by someone else. Although, it doesn’t seem to be hard to figure out. You can see specific information about individual users. But that information only shows the number of shares from particular demographics. However, TikTok’s publisher platform does allow brands to see who is sharing their content, or who is sharing brand content. 


Experience tiktok pro 

Experience TikTok never likes before with pro features like tracking the number of views your videos get in specific locations. It is interacting with your audience to get feedback and see who is sharing your content. So, Pro also unlocks the ability to make money on TikTok by allowing you to run advertisements in your video upload. Well, you’ll also open creative tools like music stickers, custom Geofilters, and Magic Effects for extra flair. 


Let’s think to switch to a business pro account 

TikTok is a video clip app that allows you to share your video and music. It launched in September 2018 and already has over 200 million downloads on Google Play. When you have a business account, you can see who shared your videos by tapping the “Insight” button. 

Before you create your original video, make sure to set your privacy settings. You can make it available to everyone or limit who sees it to your friends or just yourself. Additionally, “Share” it on TikTok to get the party started. 

In addition to being a great way to get views and see who’s been watching your videos, TikTok can help you reach new subscribers for your channel. Therefore, the more shares your video gets, the better chance it will be featured on the top sharing page, which means even more new viewers. 

  • Select the profile picture in the top right corner of a profile. 
  • In the drop-down menu, click on Settings and then on Account Info 
  • Then select Video Sharing Stats to see a table that shows who shared your videos. To hide the information again, return to  
  • Settings > Video Sharing Stats > Video Links Visibility and select Friends Only 


How to Change Your TikTok Account to a Business Account?

  • Navigate to the ‘Me’ tab in the TikTok app. 
  • To access the settings menu, click the 3 dots in the top right corner. Then select “Manage Account.” 
  • Further, click the “Switch to Business Account” button. 

You can connect the analytics section once you’ve upgraded to a business account. Thus, this section contains data on a variety of parameters like the number of views, likes, as well as shares. 

In addition, Take a look at the no of shares in the videos section, as shown below. You probably wouldn’t be able to see who shared the TikTok videos. However, you should see how many times people decided to share over time. This data would then make you realize your video’s success. 

In addition, the higher the ratios of shares/views and likes/views, the more likely it is that your video will appear on TikTok for You. Proceed to make engaging videos, people are eager to share with friends. Thus, these hilarious videos go viral and receive millions of views regularly! 


Who Shared the TikTok Video? 

Regrettably, you will not be capable of seeing a comprehensive list of those whose accounts have shared your video. Users can see analytics if they update to a TikTok Pro account. That includes info including such views, demographics, as well as share count. Moreover, to upgrade to a TikTok Pro account, you must first: 


  • Right-click the three dots to access the settings menu. 
  • Modify the account by selecting ‘Manage Account’, after which ‘Switch to Pro Account’ and following the prompts. 
  • Furthermore, this will allow you to view your analytics, but you may not have been able to see the data right away. 


Repeat, you won’t be ready to see the characters of those who gave the TikToks. Further, just should provide you an idea as to how important the video has been and how often it’s liked. 


Standard TikTok and “pro” accounts 

The first difference between standard and “pro” accounts is that pro accounts are outstanding for anyone trying to make an account for their influencer career. Pro account holders can access analytics that tells you basic information.  


Like how many people are viewing your account, where they’re based (your exposure). Moreover, those posts are getting engaged the most (if you can figure out how to use them). You can upgrade your account in the app to pro by tapping on the option that appears in the upper-right hand corner. 


TikTok users take to the app for its ease of use. With a few taps of their fingers, anybody can record, post, as well as share their videos. However, suppose you want to harness the power that TikTok has to offer. In that case, you should consider switching over to a pro account.  


With pro accounts, you’ll see all sorts of interesting tidbits about your video stats, including your recent views. Your biggest follower days, the times of day you get the most attention, where your audience is coming from, and other nifty facts. Switching over to pro also gives you access to analytics like view shares. 


Conclusion – so, it does not do so 

TikTok does not inform the supervisor when users share one‘s video, but it does notify them that their video has been shared. Furthermore, we all love to share videos on TikTok, as it’s an excellent tool for content creators to grow their audience.  


But what happens when someone shares one of your videos? Does TikTok notify you, or do you have to know about it from the Reddit forum? Nope. This app does not give you any notifications when someone shares your account. Thus, we hope you will find this article interesting in your future TikTok endeavors.

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