How to watch Ligue 1 in the US?

How to watch Ligue 1 in the US?

A comprehensive guide for elite Sports Broadcasters

As we know, Ligue 1 is one of the most incredible and top leading French football leagues. Although, It was first inaugurated in 1932 with the different name of Division One.

But now it has come up with a new name, Ligue 1. In 2002 and from then it is now called Ligue 1. So in this article, we will be putting our deep insights on how to watch Ligue some of us. 

In addition to it, we will cover some other exciting aspects related to Ligue 1. Let’s get straight into our highly thrilling and informative article.

 How to watch Ligue 1 in the US?


League 1 is now back with the more upgraded thrill and adventure. We know that all the eyes of this world are on this exciting league.


As numerous top-class teams are playing against each other. If you are one crazy fan of football, no doubt you eagerly desire to watch all these games live in stadiums.

But if this is not in your hands, we are here to give you the most premium solution. If you are in the US and want to watch Ligue 1 broadcast in the USA, you have reached your destination.

Although there are numerous options that one can go for, our first focus is on this most splendid broadcaster of this French Football league.

BeIN Sports in the US

BeIN sports in the USA is one of the most remarkable and fast sports broadcasters. Remarkably, it gives massive plans to watch different sports, football, tennis, cricket, baseball game, hockey, and many more.

In this section, we will elaborate for you on the cheapest yet reliable method to watch Ligue 1 matches. So let’s get into the step-by-step procedure.

Bein Sports 1 live; step-by-step procedure 

  • Hence, the easiest and cheapest method is Sling TV to watch all the Ligue 1 matches. Sling TV is a well-recognized streaming service in the United States of America.
  • Firstly, you need access to Sling Orange or Blue Sling plans.
  • After this access, all you need to do is sign in with your account’s details.
  • There are different subscription plans for all the users that you can buy.
  • For Sling Orange, it will cost you only $35 every month.
  • The best is for the users who want all the premium features to have it down to buy both Sling Orange and Sling Blue plan subscriptions—costing you merely 50 Dollars per month.
  • However, Willow HD, Nautical Channel, and Willow Extra are the premium sports connect of BeIN Sports.
  • Here you can enjoy Ligue 1 streaming without any interruption. For that, you need to pay an extra 10 dollars with the subscription plans.
  • In addition to it, the users will also enjoy the Worlds Sports add-on with the Premiere BeIN sports Connect.

Demo/trial accounts for BeIN Sports Connect.

Here is a piece of fantastic good news for those who want to know how to watch Ligue 1 in the US.

For having a better experience and getting the confirmation of top-notch sports broadcasts, BeIN is giving a sublime offer to their people.

Correspondingly, you can get access to the BeIN Sports Connect free accounts without any effort. For that, you do not need to pay a single Dollar. The demo accounts give you 3-7 days of a free BeIN Sports subscription.

After the trial account, if you have the Premiere BeIN Sports Connect, you need to pay for the subscription. 

It is at least 45$ per month. However, it would help if you bought the subscription plans every new month. It would help if you gave BeIN sports 1 France streaming services a chance, as it is imposing.

FuboTV Broadcasting service

FUBO TV broadcasting services for users who want to play a little brighter. These are one of the most used and well-ranked TV broadcasting services.

 It gives you a complete excess of Bein sports in its premiere features. Additionally, the users can enjoy 100 plus other channels for their ultimate entertainment.

 Potentially, this more brilliant package will only cost you 64.99 dollars every month. 

Here is excellent facilitation for all the users of the US that they can cancel their subscription anytime they want.


It means they can quickly get rid of the monthly pay whenever they desire.

 This feature works great because you can only buy the subscription plan when Ligue 1 starts. You can also watch League One online matches without any hindrance.

 After you are done, you can go to their website and cancel your subscription right after. In this way, you will be free from paying extra charges.

We have discussed how to watch Ligue 1 in the US by buying different subscription plans for various sports broadcasting channels.

Now let’s have a look that is there any other way to watch Ligue 1 matches.

Watch Ligue 1 with a VPN

Virtual private network VPN removes blocked content in different world regions. You can watch Ligue 1 matches globally using a VPN, irrespective of the UK or USA regions.

 Many people question how they can use their US or UK subscription plans. Suppose they are not in that region and somewhere else.

 You can use your subscription plans for any of the broadcasting Services.

 Wherever you are, VPN allows you to sign in to your account and enjoy your subscription anywhere in the world.

 As we know, BT sports or other sports broadcasting service providers are geo-restricted.

It means you can use them only when you are in the state. For that, VPN is an ideal option to go for.

You can easily search for the best VPNs, supporting numerous servers. These offer excellent security and server combinations to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to watch French Ligue 1 in the USA in the UK?

One can buy BT sports broadcasting services or Bein sports broadcasting service to watch French Ligue 1 matches in the USA and UK.

For people who are not in the US or UK, VPN is the ideal option to see all League One matches very quickly.

2. How to watch PSG games?

Bein sports offer their services to watch PSG games. For that, you need to buy a subscription. On the other hand, FUBO TV also enables you to watch and enjoy PSG games and give demo accounts.

3. Do BeIN sports allow users to watch Ligue one matches online?

Yes, the users who own the subscription of bein sports Connect can watch all the premier matches of Ligue 1.


We are ending our discussion on watching Ligue 1 in the US. We have enlisted the most efficient and reliable sports broadcasters. By buying their subscription plans, you can enjoy the most thrilling and lively matches of Ligue 1 with your dear ones.


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