How to change textnow number?

How to change text now number?

A complete guide for changing number and app review;

Text now the app is providing its users an end-to-end encryption service. This text now service allows the users to make and receive calls, messages, videos, voicemails, and many more valuable and exciting things. Although there are numerous apps to avail of all these services in the market. But the features of this text now app are incredible. There are many more things to explore in this app.

In today’s article, our primary focus is on how to change text now numbers? The process is very straightforward, and you do not have to spend hours changing it. In addition to it, we will also cover a basic overview of this app and its features.

If you are already using the text now an app on your devices, we will answer and discuss all the queries wandering in your mind. So are you eagerly waiting for us to start this article?

If yes, then here we go; let’s start our detailed guide about the app text now how to change numbers. The first section that we are writing for you is the step-by-step procedure. Now, let’s get straight into it.

How to change text now number?

Some people do not know that they can change the number of text now app, but some also know if you are the one and looking for the process. This section is meant for you. Text now app allows its users to change this number after every fifteen days if they are not satisfied with the previous one.


  1.       The first step is to log in to your text now an app on your device.
  2.       There you will see a “Menu Button” right on the top left hand of the app. There is a “setting” option. Tap on it, and complete app settings will appear on the screen.
  3.       Now tap on the account and click the “text now number.”
  4.       After that, click on the menu button and you will see three vertical dots. Tap on it, these are located at the right hand.
  5.       Finally, click on the “release number” and right after it, the process will start.
  6.       Wait for the process’s completion. Once it is completed, you have successfully got your new text now number.

As mentioned earlier, the text now users try numbers after every fifteen days without any restriction. An important aspect regarding the number-changing process is that it is non-returnable. Once you have completed the process, it is irreversible. When text now has released your new number, you cannot go back to your previous number in any condition.

Security of text now app

After we have completed the discussion of how to change text now number. We are heading towards an essential question that people always ask about this app. If you are also curious about the security policies of this app, continue reading.

The priority of every customer is to have a safe and secure platform for all their work. As the text now is also in the use of official people for their official workings. So the security policies must be strict so that there is zero chance of losing crucial information.

Of course, text now is a fully safe platform assuring the security of all the personal information of their users. Whatever the situation is, text now never disclose your personal information to anyone. According to one of the officials of the text now app, their customer’s security is the top essential thing.

That is also why your text now number cannot be traced by anyone. But there are some precautionary measures to be taken when kids use this app. Many hackers head towards kids to get vital personal information. Hence, when it is in your kids’ hands, you must monitor their activities.

Furthermore, if you want to know that this particular number is registered on what name. It is also not possible. You cannot know about the person who owns the text now number. It is also included in the security policies of the text now app.

Change google number to text now

Another very commonly asked question by people is how to change your google number to text now. Text now has provided their customer’s many unique features so that they can enjoy calling their dear ones. Along with it, the users can use the text now an app on google browsers. In the same way, they can change the number accordingly.

If you are using any of the Mac, iOS, Android mobile app versions, you can successfully use it for calls and messages. Go on your google chrome browser and start using this app over there. It will help you have a very fantastic experience.

Verifying the number

This section is also very important. Many people do not know whether it is a text now a number or not. So here we will discuss how you could verify text now numbers. The identification process is very easy and in a few quick steps.

      Firstly, the identification can be made from the email address associated with the text now account of the user. Note: identification is possible if the user enters its email address.

      The information about the IP address.

      Evaluating the message records

      Evaluating the phone call records.

      By the first or last name of the text now account.

The text now app service is available to all customers 24/7. For instance, you changed your text now app by mistake, and now you want to go back with your number again. If you think that it is not possible then we can help you here.

If you desire to recover your previous text now account, call the customer support of the text now app. You can retrieve the number from getting Human and make an effective call telling your problem. An average phone call to the text now customers’ support is f 12 minutes. The users’ can make the call from Monday to Friday, and the timings are 9 am-6 pm.


Frequently Asked Question

  1.   How to change the text now number on the laptop?

Download the text now an app on your laptop> sign in to your account> tap on the menu button and open account> click on the three vertical dots> tap on change number.

After these steps, you will get your new number of text now app. In the same way, the users can use this app on Windows and PC.

  1.   Can I have more than 1 text now number?

Sure, it is possible to keep more than 1 text now number and create as many accounts as you want. For that, you need to keep personal information like Gmail, etc. different for every account. In this, you can have many texts now numbers.

  1.   How to use the text now as an app on my laptop?

There is great flexibility for the text now users. They are free to use the app on their laptop and PC. All the features and processes are the same. Receiving voicemails, audio calls, video calls, and messages is possible on all devices.

  1.   How to change the text now number on the website?

It is the same as you changing your number on the phone. For that, open the text now official website and sign in to your account that exists already. From there, follow the same procedure. And you can easily change the text now number from the website.

  1.   How to delete text now accounts and numbers?

The users cannot permanently delete their text now app. As the policies of this app do not permit to do it. Although the users can change their personal information, email, and number by moving to the settings. The users can change their number by following the steps mentioned earlier in a few minutes.


In the end, we have now completed the detailed review of the text app. We have answered many of the questions related to this app. Like how to change text now number? Verification of the text now number, the safety of the user’s information, and many more.

We hope that you are in complete satisfaction by getting all these answers. So if you haven’t downloaded this app, open your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download it. Once the download process completes, make your account and get your text now the number. Initiate connecting to your friends and family members and double your joys.



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