How to Conduct Instant Gaming Verification for Alleviating Fraud?

There are different risks in online gaming nowadays. During the pandemic, a huge number of users got online and enrolled in games. This traffic generated a lot of revenue for the gaming industry but it also meant that a lot of fraudsters also joined the gaming platforms for financial benefits. According to the reports, the digital gaming industry will keep growing financially by nearly 10% every year from 2020 to 2025. Nevertheless, the real threat to the online gaming industry is the scam attempts by cybercriminals. They can demotivate stakeholders and investors. Fortunately, an instant gaming verification system can support online gaming service providers in their objectives. 

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In-depth Insights into the Gaming Industry for Instant Gaming Verification

The online gaming industry is the target of hackers and other cyber criminals because of easy cash rewards. Sometimes, it happens that gaming developers also hide shortcuts and cheat codes in the games for their convenience during the review process. 

Hackers also know this so they strive to find the codes and reverse engineer the gaming code to obtain financial advantages. This is a problem because it impacts the entire gaming system and creates an unfair atmosphere for genuine players. 

Identity Theft Case: The US State of New Jersey 

The police force in the US state of New Jersey caught a criminal using gaming platforms with a stolen identity. He was caught after a long investigation of 17 months. He was charged with the identity theft of about 1000 identities/ profiles. It was an alarming situation for the online gaming service providers because it highlighted loopholes in their security systems. As per the law enforcement personnel, Identity theft is mostly traumatising for the victims. 

What Tricks and Hacks Do Fraudsters Use to Fool the Instant Gaming Verification System?

Due to years of experience in the field, hackers and other cybercriminals have various tricks up their sleeves to fool the old gaming verification systems. Their online gaming fraud attempts highlight the importance of AI-powered instant gaming verification systems. 

  • Bots for Auto-aiming

Hackers use the technique to get an advantage in first-person shooting (FPS) games. It’s a commonly used strategy to compete against experienced players and get ahead of them in less time. 

  • Stream-sniping

Players usually live stream their gaming sessions which other players can use to gauge their strategies and disrupt their playtime. This is known as stream-sniping. Cheaters and fraudsters do not focus on their own game but try to showcase themselves by interfering in competitors’ gameplay. 

  • Advance Match-fixing

It is about fixing the outcome of a competitive match in advance for some perks and benefits from the other party. It’s an issue because the gaming industry is growing day by day and a lot of players want easy wins. The regulatory bodies are handling the issue by penalising the crime with harsh imprisonment sentences. 

How is the AI-based Gaming Verification System the Need of the Modern Times?

In order to safeguard the online gaming industry from complex hacking attempts, it is crucial to implement instant gaming verification processes. The system can help in detecting ghost profiles to deter hackers from entering the system. It is a major issue because according to the rules, players can create as many accounts as they want in the game. The issue is more prevalent in online gaming platforms which are poorly regulated. 

In this context, the implementation of an AI-powered instant gaming verification system will protect the platform from fraudsters. The strong protection system will also protect minors from the harm of cybercriminals.

The latest instant gaming verification system can efficiently reduce cheating issues in gaming platforms. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can elevate the accuracy of authentication results while showing outcomes in real-time to the consumers. 

How Gaming Verification Services can Maintain a Customer Base for the Online Gaming Industry?

The availability of diverse gaming platforms has increased competition in the market. To retain their customers, online gaming service providers must provide a fast, convenient and secure gaming experience. Instant gaming verification software can facilitate digital gaming businesses in this regard. Consumers will be able to onboard only genuine players and simultaneously protect their pre-existing players from negative consequences. Consequently, gaming platforms will be able to avoid heavy financial penalties from global watchdogs.

Concluding Remarks

Finally, the gaming industry must work on its instant gaming verification system to reduce gaming frauds cases on its platforms. They are detrimental to their brand image and profits. In addition to this, the gaming industry should only opt for AI-powered solutions because they can give a competitive edge. Such kinds of solutions have features that can rack patterns, detect criminals and discourage their suspicious activities promptly. Hence, the instant gaming verification system can eliminate the risk of fraud successfully.

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