Ways of Editing Images in a PDF

When people think of PDFs, the normal ideas that might come to them are something along the lines of business, office work, or the document I am not sure how to use. It is safe to assume that many people do not always associate PDFs with art or with creative expression in general. But one of the advantages of PDFs is that they are very versatile and allow you to do a great many things that you can’t do with other types of programs. One of the ways you can express your creativity while also being productive in an official capacity is through editing images in a PDF. This can be done for work or for pleasure or even for a personal project that you are working on. Editing images in a PDF is easy and once you understand the tools that you can use when editing images, you will be surprised with all things you can do. 

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But why are PDFs a great medium for image manipulation? And how can we do this?

               Probably the main reason that images work so well with PDFs is that PDFs themselves are a type of image file. PDF stands for portable document format and one of the reasons that they are so versatile and easy to format is that unlike a word processing doc like a Microsoft Word document, PDFs are images and therefore can be interacted with in a wide variety of ways. Some of the ways that you can manipulate images are how they are positioned, their size, and even their angle. Having the ability to manipulate images in such a way means that you can do almost anything that you want. While some people might think this is only helpful for something like making flyers, there are other uses both professional and amateur.

               Improving your skills in any way is always a helpful asset in any field and working with PDFs is no exception. This is especially true when you factor in the uses for image editing in a PDF. For one, if you are using a good PDF editor and have the ability to edit images, you can not only edit PDFs and their images, but you can also create new PDFs from scratch. This means that you can do things such as create a brochure for our business, compile a book or report, or even create a business presentation. One example of using the image editing feature of a PDF would be something simple like adding your company logo to a PDF presentation, then scaling it and placing it so it looks nice. Even small things like this can have a great effect on both the document as well as its creator. So, we can see just how useful being able to edit an image is in a PDF document but how exactly do we edit it?

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How can I place an image in a PDF?

               To add an image to a PDF is not difficult and the process is almost always the same, regardless of which PDF editor you are using to work with your PDF. The steps to place an image are usually something along the lines of going to PDF tools, selecting the add image tool then browsing to find your image. Although this part is rather simple, there are some other things to consider such as which image is best, where to place it and what size it should be? Also make sure that the image you want to add is the right file format, since some types of image files either won’t work or will have some distortion when added to the PDF.


Can I change the size or image format?

               Yes! You can change the size of the image in a PDF. This is a little bit more challenging than placing the image though. This might be different for different types of PDF editors; the process though is usually similar. Firstly, you should be in edit mode and select the image. From there will be an option to select some small circles along the borders of the images (often at the corners). You can click on one of these and then drag it to create a larger image. Make sure you are using the right image format here as well, as well as the original size of the image since resizing might cause some distortion in the image.

What you can do more with Lumin PDF – rotate, flip, crop, and replace an image

               When working with PDFs, you will always need some type of PDF editor so that you can interact with the PDF. One of the best PDF editors for working with images is Lumin PDF. It has a diverse set of tools. One of these tools is the rotate tool The rotate tool as the name implies allows you to take an image and rotate it. The use for this is that it can be used to turn an image so that it can be at an angle that it was not in the original image. Aside from the rotate tool, you can also flip an image. The flip image tool is great when you have the right image but in the wrong direction. So if your image is facing the wrong way, you can easily use the flip tool to change its direction. Another tool but not the last one at your disposal with Lumin PDF is the replace tool. The replace tool lets you replace an image with another image. This is great when you are working with a PDF that another person created and you just need to change a few things, such as updating an image. These aren’t all the tools that Lumin PDF offers but are some of the key ones for working with images.

               Being able to work with PDFs is essential to being successful in the business world and one of the best skills to have when working with PDFs is the ability to edit images. People who can edit images have the ability to construct documents that reflect well on them and their place of work.

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