Know the Difference Between Granite & Quartz:

Granite Worktop Installation:

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers, Granite or Quartz? On the surface (pun intended), it looks like an easy query. However, deciding which is higher is tough, as they all have their fits and disadvantages, creating unique kitchens and families.

We have a huge choice of Granite, Mable, Porcelain, and Quartz to be had to view at our shop, in addition to a detailed catalogue of merchandise that we can supply and offer Granite Worktop Installation.

First, we want to know what those surfaces truly are and where they come from.

Granite Vs Quartz Price

Granite and quartz are top-rate, high-value worktop materials that need long-time historical funding. While generally very costly, those surfaces are extra than well worth the price.

They are designed to last many years of wear and tear normally determined in a kitchen and are visually attractive. The costs for those two materials are comparable, with quartz worktops becoming extra widely available, causing the charge to fall to similar tiers to granite.

The rate variations depend on both the fashion of the floor in addition to the general exceptional. While the lower-end materials are yet very long-lasting, you need to truly recall buying a top of a variety of surfaces to make sure that your worktops last up to viable.

The surface isn’t always the handiest component. You will want to keep in mind the price. Several other factors affect the price and longtime investment price of a countertop, inclusive of:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Durability
  • Real Estate price

These three can each add or subtract from a worktop’s overall value, both instantly and long-time.


Both materials are notably heavy; a reasonably small 36-inch countertop weighs around one hundred pounds. These surfaces require several experiences and talents to install an effect that most people, without a doubt, do not have.

This way, you’ll want to touch an expert to construct Granite Worktop Installation. Fortunately, we at Granite House can offer you the granite or quartz floor you’re searching out, cut and fabricate it, and set it up for your convenience.

Fitting and installing Quartz worktops are barely less difficult than granite countertops. Ensuring that your countertops are mounted correctly is important; a poorly set up surface can’t handily damage the material but the area around it. We have lots of experience in Granite Worktop Installation and quartz installation worktops; go to our website to look at some of our earlier work.

Granite Worktop Installation
Granite Worktop Installation

Maintenance and Durability

Here is where Quartz surfaces benefit a huge gain over granite. While granite worktops require sealing upon installation, after which sporadic sealing each year or so, quartz does not. This is because quartz surfaces use resins for the duration of construction to ensure they are non-porous, while granite is surely porous.

Both surfaces are easy to clean when it involves stains, spills or another minor mishap. Sealed granite and quartz countertops can normally be cleaned using simple warm soapy water and a material. The handiest extra value for cleaning comes from sealing the granite, which we formerly mentioned.

Real Estate Value

This might not be an issue you bear in mind immediately, as you are simply looking to install your countertops. However, in the future, you could don’t forget to sell your home, and the value of your own home will begin to emerge as an essential component.

Both granite and quartz countertops will possibly enhance the real estate cost of your property and impress capability consumers as long as your surfaces are still in the right condition.

While this may change over the years, a few shoppers can select a granite countertop over a quartz countertop as it is an extra natural material.

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