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Mystalk is a website that can be useful in accessing someone’s privacy without informing them. You must be familiar with the Instagram application. Instagram has connected everyone. What if you do not want to connect with others, but only want to get the latest updates or news? Then you must require a platform to access others’ posts, stories, or videos anonymously. Mystalk solves all the problems discussed above.

What is Mystalk?

You can access others’ posts, videos, or stories anonymously via Mystalk. As I have discussed earlier, Mystalk is a website that can remain in contact with others anonymously. You do not have to tell others that you have visited their account, view their posts, or read the comments on their posts. You can search and view every Instagram account anonymously.

Why do people use Mystalk?

People use Mystalk for various purposes, such as getting information about celebrities or their friends without creating their Instagram accounts. This is the most common use of Mystalk because many people do not want to present themselves or simply just do not want to create social media accounts, so they turn out to such platforms. So, they can remain in contact with their loved ones or their heroes without even telling them.

Another use of people is that they wanted to tease others or stay out of sight while browsing others. Most of the time, it is the case when people want to know more about others in a good or bad manner but do not want to engage first because of emotional damage. This society is very cruel, and everyone wants to be on the safe side. So, they choose such a platform to have the latest updates of others.

What are the features of Mystalk?

Mystalk is a fantastic website that could be extremely helpful in various cases, such as

  • You can download posts, images, videos, stories, IGTVs, or highlights
  • You can download present and previous stores uploaded on your Instagram account
  • Mystalk is completely free of cost
  • It does not require any account registration
  • Easy to use
  • No installer is required to use Mystalk

How is Mystalk work?

Mystalk creates a temporary Instagram account with dummy data in the database of Instagram servers. It will provide you with access to that account. So, you cannot access all the accounts such as Private accounts because it requires some authority. You must follow the private account if you want the information of the private account.

Is Mystalk free?

Yes, Mystalk is completely free of cost. You do not have to pay a penny to use Mystalk or search others’ Instagram accounts. It is completely free of cost and many people are using Mystalk.

Does Mystalk require any subscription?

No, Mystalk does not require any subscription. You do not have to buy an account or even register your account. You do not need an account to track others’ Instagram accounts. You may or may not have an Instagram account or Gmail account, you can see others’ posts in both cases. You do not have to connect your google account with Mystalk.

Is it safe to use Mystalk?

No, it is not safe at all. There is nothing like terms and policy conditions. I assume if you can access someone’s account anonymously, then others can also access your data anonymously. If you are doing an illegal act, then you are already a victim. So, you are not safe while using Mystalk.

Can Mystalk provide access to private accounts?

No, Mystalk does not provide access to Instagram’s private accounts. If you want to see private accounts’ posts, then you must follow them first. Mystalk does not provide such options of following, because it is temporary account access that will be deleted right after your exit. So, if you want to access private accounts on Instagram anonymously, then you can create a fake account.

Can Mystalk increase its likes or followers?

No, Mystalk does not allow you to like any post, story, or highlight. It could cause problems for them because it is a temporary account that will be deleted right after you depart from the website. That means you will have a like or follower for the time only you open the website. And it could also lead you to ban the account of fake like increase.

Is it legal or ethical to use Mystalk?

No, it is not legal or ethical to use Mystalk. If we talk about the legitimacy of using Mystalk, then we have agreed to the terms and policies of Instagram. And we are violating those policies. And if we talk about ethics, then you could not enter or read someone’s post in such a manner (anonymously).

Does Mystalk ask for personal information?

No, Mystalk does not need any personal information. As it does not need any account registration or signing up, then how will they get personal information from us? They do not ask for any personal information from you.

Is Mystalk has any application?

No, Mystalk does not have any mobile or desktop applications. It only operates from the website. You can visit it on any device while having the internet. The website address of Mystalk’s official website is as:

How to download posts or stores via Mystalk?

Once you get to the official mystalk website, you will so the option to view and download. Choose a downloader and place the link of the post, story, or highlight. Now, you will be able to see a download button. Once you move to the downloader option, you will also see a downloading method explained there.

What are the best alternatives to Mystalk?

There are a lot of alternative options available for Mystalk. A few of them are as:

  • Imginn
  • SmiHub
  • Toolzu
  • Great Fon


Mystalk is a website that can access Instagram accounts anonymously. You can watch all the public accounts, but you cannot access private Instagram accounts. It is completely free of cost and does not require any subscription or registration. You can view and download everything such as videos, images, stories, or highlights.

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