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Rajkotupdates.news is a blog that provides the latest news on different subjects. Recently, they published an article on Garena Free Fire and PUBG India. There were a lot of high temper discussions and actions between Garena Free Fire and PUBG India. PUBG India and Garena Free Fire are always have been competitive. And today I will try to understand who is doing right and who is not. Stay with us to know more about the clash between Garena Free Fire and PUBG India. 

Garena Free Fire & PUBG India 

Garena Free Fire and PUBG India are two battleground games that are competitive in a lot of cases. These games have the same gameplay style, weapons, and game-winning techniques. There are very fewer differences between Garena Free Fire and PUBG India. 

If you are not familiar with the game, then Garena Free Fire and PUBG are the same games with very few modifications. You land in a place where you went in both games and collect loot to fight others. You find weapons, tools, tactics, medics, and different valuables during the game. You must use such weapons to eliminate others. The last standing man or team wins the match. 

But both these games are against each other, as they have stolen our design. But nobody knows who is right. Today, we will talk about who is right and who is wrong. The decision will be yours and we will put forward our theory. 

Problems between Free Fire & PUBG India 

PUBG was developed by Krafton (China) and Free Fire is developed by 111dots Studio (Singapore). They have different developers, yet both games are terrible like each other. Even if they have the same weapons. They have the same killing and reviving scheme. Regarding this similarity, they cased against each other about gameplay. 

It has been 5 years for both games. But there are no final decisions regarding the copyright issues. Krafton is still arguing with Google and Apple to stop Free Fire. It is not only for Garena Free Fire but also for Free Fire Max. PUBG wanted to stop both games. 

Krafton filed a case against Garena Free Fire 

Recently Krafton (PUBG Developer) filed a case against Free Fire for copying their gameplay. Krafton wants to shut down Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire has taken away 50% of games of PUBG during this time because if there is no Garena Free Fire, players will play PUBG. So, Krafton wants to shut down Garena Free Fire on copyright issues because Free Fire was launched 6 months after PUBG. 

Krafton sued Google and Apple because of Free Fire 

Krafton not only acted against Free Fire but also sued Google and Apple. They claim that Free Fire and Free Fire max should not be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Krafton wants to stop all the streaming and videos happening on YouTube about Free Fire and Free Fire Max. Yet, there are no such actions have happened during the past few years. 

Is Krafton having the right of suing Free Fire? 

Some people think Krafton is right about stopping Free Fire and has the complete right to sue. And the other does not think so. There are different theories. Cases have been filed and are are still in progress. We are just analyzing. 

People think right about Suing Free Fire because they know PUBG was released and introduced earlier than Free Fire. But this is not the whole story of it. Others think that Free Fire is right and PUBG is wrong about suing. They have argued that PUBG and Free Fire were developed all along at similar times, but PUBG was released earlier to stay in the market with little development. Because both games were fully launched in December 2017. 

Who is right between Free Fire and PUBG India? 

Both Game developers could have worked at the same time, that is an exceedingly rare case but possible. Years ago, two scientists on the other side of the World presented the same formula, and both claimed that he had stolen my work. But both were right and wrong at the same time because they were just doing the research work at the same time. 

Another chance is the Krafton game information was leaked and someone else just started game development and both games were completed at the same time. But I think PUBG is right, because PUBG developed the game in March 2017, and Free Fire developed it in December 2017.  

Free Fire was almost 9 months behind Free Fire, so technically PUBG has all the rights to sue Free Fire. But, on the other hand, PUBG released PUBG Mobile after the release of Free Fire in 2018. Which makes them suspicious about releasing the mobile version after Free Fire. 

Latest News about Free Fire or PUBG India 

Krafton (PUBG Developer) filed a case against Free Fire and wanted to shut down them. But latest in India both games are banned because young students spend more time gaming. The Indian government is concerned about the Children who are playing games day and night and do not study. 

Another reason for banning PUBG India and Free Fire is fighting with others with weapons and killing them makes it more awful for kids. That is why the the Indian government stepped up and banned Free Fire and PUBG India. 

How to play banned PUBG India or Free Fire 

If you want to play banned games, then you must use VPN. VPN can be helpful if you want to play PUBG India or Free Fire. VPN will be accessed from another country or region. You can access any website or application with the use of a VPN. 

Unban of Free Fire or PUBG India 

Krafton is working on its game and making itself more suitable for the the young generation to play. They are also communicating with the the Indian Government to un-ban Free Fire and PUBG India. That is the reason Blood in PUBG turned into a green fluid. To make it more comfortable and suitable. It is more likely that PUBG and Free Fire will be unbanned in the next week. 


PUBG and Free Fire are two competitive battleground games. PUBG has filed a case against Free Fire for stealing the gameplay idea of their game. It has been 4 years and still no final statement regarding this. PUBG has also sued Google and Apple on the appearance of Free Fire on Google Play Store and Apple Store. But surely it is not known yet who stole the others’ ideas. 

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