Storiesdown: Watch Instagram Posts Anonymously (Guide and Information)

Storiesdown is a website to watch and download Instagram stories and posts anonymously. This is a third-party application; it does not have any concern with Instagram’s official app. You can watch anyone’s posts and stories anonymously without even telling the Instagram server side. Read further to know more about storiesdown.

What is Storiesdon?

Storiesdown is a website specially designed to access Instagram posts and stories anonymously. It is one of the widely used software. You can access others’ Instagram accounts without creating your account.

One of the most basic uses of storiesdown is watching others’ posts and stories anonymously. When you add a story to your Instagram account, it is accessible to everyone. But when anyone views your story, you will get a notification from the story’s viewers. But most people do not want to tell others about watching their storiesdown. So, they use a third-party application to stay in touch with others.

Why do people use Storiesdown?

Different people use storiesdown. We will try to cover all the key factors of the usage of storiesdown. People use it for three main reasons. Many people use storiesdown because they do not want to tell others, they have watched their stories. People do not want to engage themselves with others. It is a quite widespread problem for the young generation these days, so they decide to use such software to stay in touch with others.

Some people dislike using social media, yet they like to watch celebrities, showbiz, and famous personalities. So, they wanted to stay in contact with them without using social media. Hence, they decide to use such software to stay in touch with their favorites and friends easily.

And third, the most common people are those who want to download others’ stories anonymously. Instagram Official does not allow their users to download each other’s stories. You must use Instagram to view others’ stories within 24 hours. After 24 hours, stories will be deleted automatically. But Storiesdown allows you to download stories easily.

Is it ethical to use Storiesdown?

No, it is unethical to use Storiesdown. When we agree to the terms and policy of Instagram, we agree to not disturb others’ privacy. But by using storiesdown, we disturb and attack others’ privacy without telling (anonymously)

How to use Storiesdown?

It is quite easy to use and navigate on stories down. Just follow the instructions to view anyone’s Instagram account anonymously:

  • Get internet access and open your favorite browser such as Vivaldi, etc.
  • Now search for storiesdown the official website (or
  • Enter the username of the account you want to view or download posts
  • It will show you the stories and posts.
  • Click on the download button of which post you want to download

Is Storiesdown secure and safe?

No, we cannot say anything about the safety and security of Storiesdown. Because there are no terms and conditions and there is no policy between owner and user. Even users do not know who is the developer and control Storiesdown. If someone allows you to access others’ accounts anonymously, then they can also attack you and access your account without telling you.

What are the alternatives to Storiesdown?

There are a lot of alternatives available to storiesdown. The best of the few storiesdown alternatives is:

  • Qoob Stories
  • Imginn
  • Storistalker
  • InstaDP
  • Glassagram
  • SmiHub
  • Stories IG
  • Insta Stories

Can I access a Private Account using Storiesdown?

No, Storiesdown does not have the feature to access a Private Instagram account. You only have access to the public account. The Instagram official has a feature, that nobody can access a private account until he has followed that account with permission. So, if you want to access a private Instagram account, then you must follow up on that account. But still, you will not be viewing that account anonymously. They will know when you will view their stories.

How can I be saved from Storiesdown users?

As I have described earlier, Private accounts cannot be viewed by Storiesdown or any other third-party software. You must create your Instagram account, send the following request, and then you will be able to view their posts and stories on approval. So, you can do the same to save your account from such users.

It is quite easy to update your Public Instagram account to a Private Instagram account. Go to settings -> Privacy -> change the account type from Public to Private. Now, others will not be able to view your Instagram posts and stories from third-party software such as Storiesdown.

Can Storiesdown steal your data?

Yes, there is the possibility of stealing your data. You do not have any terms and conditions or usage policy. As you can access others’ accounts, then they can also access your system, if they have a gut. But it could be difficult because you do not have to share any personal information with them.

Is Storiesdown free of Cost?

Yes, Storiesdown is completely free of cost. You do not have to buy any subscription to access others’ accounts. You just need internet access and visit their website to access others’ Instagram accounts anonymously. Sometimes such software costs you to use and access others’ accounts, but Storiesdown is completely free of cost.

Does Storiesdown require any registration?

No, Storiesdown does not require any registration at all. Previously, we have discussed cost-free storiesdown. In addition to a free website, you do not need any registration. There are no requirements for account registration. You do not have to link to any email account or Instagram account. You do not have to create an account. You can access anyone’s Instagram account without creating an Instagram account.


Storiesdown is a website that helps you to view and download Instagram public accounts’ posts and stories anonymously. You can view and download any story from a public Instagram account. Yet you cannot view and download a Private Instagram account. Storiesdown is completely free of cost, and you do not have to create an account or link email to use it. There could be chances of stealing your data because of a lack of privacy policy and terms and conditions.




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