The Myths and Facts Behind Webinar

The webinar is one of the most widely used tools and the most useful online meeting of all time. Webinars give a professional touch to the meeting as well as the opportunity to interact with lots of people in a real-time. Two years back setting up a webinar is an essential step due to lots of restrictions on in-person events. Every individual had attended a webinar session whether it was a meeting or a tutorial for learning. As webinars can be hosted in lots of formats including conferences, meetings, workshops, training and a lot of others.

Due to the popularity and wide space of usability their a lot of myths that developed with time in common among individuals which we are going to reveal in today’s blog.

Webinar Myths

It’s time to start using webinars if you offer digital products, courses, coaching programs, or services and are searching for a reliable and consistent strategy to bring in money and clients. But after working with thousands of people at EasyWebinar, I realize it’s not as straightforward as telling them to “Just go do it.” I’ve found that convincing individuals to start is difficult without the correct mindset. It’s simple to put off and disregard webinars if you don’t initially comprehend them and how they operate. Let’s address some of the most typical myths if you’re still on the fence about conducting webinars or have some reservations.

Webinars Are Difficult to Run 

Around the globe, almost every entrepreneur wants to help people with their products and services and found webinars as the most useful method around the clock. It’s simple to be overwhelmed by the prospect of producing your own digital course, filming videos, or building a website. Fortunately, running a webinar is really easy, even if you’re a novice or don’t consider yourself tech-savvy. This fallacy, in my opinion, is a result of the difficulty of running webinars in the past, which scared off many business owners. To make it all function together, you frequently had to connect various pieces of software. Now, it’s straightforward and easy to run your first webinar thanks to software solutions like EasyWebinar. To start a webinar, all you need is a computer, a microphone, and webinar software.

Webinars Are Too Long

Another widespread myth about hosting webinars is that most of them are overly lengthy and many attendees won’t stick around for the entire thing. In a society where everyone is vying for your attention 24/7/365, this is a legitimate worry. Most people find it impossible to complete a conversation without checking their email or social media. However, webinars continue to hold people’s attention for 45–60 minutes or longer, despite the population’s short attention span. Even users of EasyWebinar who do webinars lasting more than 120 minutes make hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

There is nothing harm in a long-form of the webinar the only matter here is how much valuable content you offer while keeping the audience a reason to give them a reason to stick around. Additionally, by offering an interactive session and clearing all their doubts and matter of queries you can make their interest till the end of the session. As long as your content and deliverables sound valuable to the audience it is fine to keep the duration longer or shorter. There are many features and tools which can be sued to make the audience engaged by using webinar hosting services. Features like quizzes live chats, polls, and others. 

Webinars Are Only Good for Sales

Well, you will be going to be disappointed with the fact that this is not right, they are not just good for sales but are good for everything possible. No matter what the format is, it will be going to nail everything regardless of your niche and industry. Find some important webinar uses in different workplaces as follows: – 

Onboard new clients: You can use it to onboard new clients for meetings and orientation or for other purposes. With the help of online webinar hosting services, you can send the automated webinar link to your clients with ease. 

Run group coaching programs: Instead of using any free live webinar service you can use a paid version of their p[latforms or hire an event tech company to get all the customized features to enhance engagement and introduce new features. This will help you in recording the session and repurpose it for the future. 

Build your email list: Money is vital and with webinars, one can earn money as there are lots of opportunities in it. By offering paid webinars for the audience you can earn money. But for it, you need to start from scratch and have a solid understanding of your niche. 

Webinars are Expensive

Sorry to disappoint you again but webinars are not expensive to host or to attend. There are many platforms like Zoom which offer you a free version to host and build a community. The only thing is that when you wanted to host a big webinar with thousands of guests then it can cost you but not that much you can’t afford. Some webinar vendors charge you very less depending upon the needs and features you wanted to leverage. 

Webinars Require Amazing Public Speaking Skills 

There is nothing like experience when you start something. IOn every field everyone was once a beginner and due to that, this myth is invalid. No one has very amazing public skills from day one but with time and constant practice you can learn a lot and the same case apply here. If you have just started keep constant and try to practice. The more you practice more you build confidence at very first you need to be patient. If you are low on confidence use the webinar platform which offers some interactive tools which can literally help you build confidence and make the audience believe in your public speaking. 


Webinars are quite helpful and every myth can be wrong, if not then you are able to make it. As there is a saying that with dedication you can mold every situation and in the case of a webinar there are already a lot of benefits. Utilize the best webinar services and get all the features to help your business. Best of luck with your next webinar. 

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