What Are Some Creative Alternatives To Kitchen Cabinets?

Almost all kitchen interiors comprise cabinets on top of the shelving/countertops for storage purposes. Besides, these storage cabinets function to complete the kitchen interior design and add to its entire aesthetic appeal. You can store surplus groceries, utensils, and small useful appliances in these cabinets besides displaying some attractive and unique knick-knacks.

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, there can be a lot of variations like base cabinets, wall cabinets, and floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Also, they can be completely opaque or can comprise a see-through panel for displaying glassware, bean jars, crockeries, and other kitchen essentials.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Substitutes For Increasing Storage

Although being this much important, these storage cabinets are not something mandatory for the kitchen spaces and can be replaced in case you want to renovate your space or simply don’t like the idea of cabinet storage, in the first place. And having that said, you would be looking forward to adding an alternative form of these cabinets into the kitchen space. Of course, that’s how you make your kitchen space unique without compromising the storage aspect.

And if that’s the case, then you’re fortunate because today’s topic of discussion at carpenter service Dubai is alternate options to storage cabinets.

1. The Hutch

These are wooden structures designed to provide cabinet storage underneath and on the top of shelves for displaying kitchen essentials. With that being said, the hutch becomes a strong competitor for kitchen cabinets.

The basic reason for adding an antique hutch to this list is the placement factor such that you can totally place this wooden structure outside the kitchen or at any other suitable place nearby, like a pantry.

2. A Customized Storage Dresser

Another great idea is to incorporate a customized storage dresser into the interior design. This will not only help you add a touch of elegance and style to the interior but will also ensure that you don’t get short of storage capacity for your kitchen essentials.

The term customized is rightfully mentioned because a standard wooden dresser won’t provide you with the desired storage. On the other hand, the wooden custom dresser can also be an ideal choice if you have a large kitchen interior. Because you can place the dresser in the middle of the interior space and use it as a breakfast table with any style of statement seating placed around it.

3. Small Wooden Compartments

If you’re looking to store a large number of kitchen essentials but can’t place any storage item within the kitchen space, then small wooden compartments can solve the problem for you. You can either design these compartments yourself (custom-made) or opt for a minimal design from the market for adding to the visual appeal and storage options in your home interior.

Basically, these compartments are designed for showcasing or display purposes but they can also be used to store kitchen essentials. And, the best thing is that you can place this wooden structure comprising storage compartments in any interior of your home.

4. Metallic/Wooden Moveable Racks

One can’t forget to mention the most beneficial, practical, and appealing substitute to kitchen cabinets i.e. moveable racks. Most people opt for metal racks as an alternative to storage cabinets because of their sleek, sophisticated appearance while others like to go with natural options to conserve the traditional themes of their home interiors.

Irrespective of the choice (a truly personal concern), moveable storage racks will not only satisfy your storage concerns but also will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home interior.

5. Open Ledges Or Display Shelving

Speaking of the accessibility and display factor, one can’t ignore the choice of open shelving as an alternative option to kitchen cabinets. Adding to that, you can incorporate these display shelves into the kitchen design for the most effective and space-saving approach.

Coming toward the visual appeal of this substitute option, you can place decorative tacks and some showcase pieces besides adding plants into the design to transform the look and feel of your kitchen interior.

6. Opt For Hanging Storage Options

For this purpose, there are a lot more options than one could possibly think of, including suspended wooden slats, bars with hanging storage, pegboards, suspended racks, etc. And having that said, it provides you with versatile hanging storage options.

However, when considering any of these options, always keep in mind that you can only place/hang/store those items that let you do so and for other essentials like delicate glassware, jugs, etc you will need another solution. Also, when purchasing suspendable storage options, ensure that the rack or board is strong enough to endure the weight of the item.

To Summarize

Undoubtedly, kitchen cabinets provide a lot more benefits besides offering storage options for kitchen essentials, however, they are not the must-have kitchen component. Being installed in almost all the kitchen interiors, you might want to replace these storage cabinets to touch up or change your space. For this purpose, we’ve described some of the best substitutes for kitchen storage cabinets namely the hutch, custom storage dresser, wooden compartments, moveable racks, and many more choices.

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