Things to look for when buying medical equipment

The healthcare industry is one of the major industries in any country. It does not only contribute to society by helping in emergencies and health problems but also is the income source for a lot of people. This industry also adds a significant portion to the country’s revenues.

So overall it can be said that the healthcare industry is of utmost importance. The demand for medical equipment is skyrocketing with the expansion of the industry. In this scene, having the latest equipment will increase your productivity significantly.

But before buying the equipment, there are some things you need to check.

What to check when buying medical equipment?

Before you finalise your purchase of medical equipment there are some things you need to check. After all, you do not want to end up with a machine that does not even help you.

Checking these things is extremely important because as a healthcare provider, this equipment is the soul of your medical business. So making the wrong purchase would not only affect your productivity but also may give you a bad reputation.

The following are the thing you need to check before buying medical equipment from medical equipment companies in UAE:

  • Quality

The first thing to check is of course the quality of the products. You need to make sure that they are up to the mark and work efficiently. You can do so by contacting the seller and asking for the specifications of the product.

This is important as having unqualified products will surely blow over your reputation in the industry and that is the last thing you want.

  • Background of the dealer

The next thing to check is the background of the dealer. It might be hard to believe but a lot of medical equipment is sold in the black market for various reasons. You need to make sure that the dealer you are choosing has a clean record and that they have a good reputation in the market.

Look into their background and the equipment they have sold before and determine whether they are worth your money or not.

  • Warranty

Most medical equipment such as heavy machinery comes with a warranty. It could be for one year, five years, ten years or even more depending on the dealer and the equipment. 

Make sure that if your product is qualified for a warranty, you get one.

  • Customer service

Reputed dealers and sellers in the industry are known to offer excellent after-sale services to their clients. You need to check if your dealer provides customer service or not.

You should only choose dealers who offer after-sale services as it would be less excruciating to repair, change or replace any faulty items you receive.

  • One stop shop

This is not something you need to inspect in the product and the dealer. But instead of ordering each piece of equipment from a different seller, we advise you to get it all from one place. This way you save a lot of time by staying away from contacting different dealers. And when you place orders in bulk at one place, you may also enjoy some discounts.

  • Functionality

Trust us, you do not want to end up with a machine that has state-of-the-art technology but there is no guide or manual that can help you understand what goes where. Thus, you need to check the functionality of the equipment before buying them.

  • Reviews

This is extremely crucial and what most people would blatantly ignore. Why would you make a medical supplies purchase without going through the reviews? The reviews do not only give you an idea about how the product actually is but also make sure that the dealer is legit and that you are not setting yourself up for failure.

  • Research

Researching is important. Be a smart buyer and research all your options. Only through them can you make the best purchase for your space. Go through all the options and narrow down your search each step of the way before you have the final solution.

  • Shipping fees

The last check is for shipping fees. If the shipping fee is not mentioned in the details of the purchase, immediately call the dealer and ask about them. This way you save yourself from shocking shipping fees at the time the equipment is delivered.

Do not assume that since it is not specified, it will be free.


Those were the 9 things you need to check before finalizing a medical supply purchase with a dealer, seller or vendor. You need to check the quality, warranty, reviews, shipping fees and functionality of the products. On top of that, you also need to run a background check on the dealer and see if they offer after-sale service. Do not forget to conduct your research on the equipment and try to get everything from one place.

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