Trollishly’s Tips & Tricks To Turn On Or Off The New TikTok Auto Captions

When you compare TikTok with other social media platforms, it engages different kinds of users, especially Gen Z’s. The platform gives users a new experience, from creating content to utilizing editing tools to sharing content. Well, anyone can present the content more creatively on the platform. Now, TikTok users are steadily increasing and satisfying their needs, and you have to create more interactive content. But, do you know what interactive content on TikTok is? Probably, yes. Interactive content is a kind of content that conveys the message to the potential audience clearly and involves them in participating in it. However, get to know that the interactive content is challenges, contests, giveaways, TikTok Live streaming, and more. To make your interactive content more valuable, including captions is a worthy idea. Once you include captions for your content, make sure to buy tiktok followers to higher the reach of your posts. Let’s start reading this article to learn how to turn TikTok’s auto caption features on or off.

Why Are Captions Important For Your Videos?

The captions are an essential accessibility aid for deaf or hard-of-hearing people. Generally, captions might be helpful for those who are in circumstances where they cannot utilize the audio without having headphones. Or those who want to chat frequently while watching videos will turn on captions to know the message. So start reading this article to understand the importance of captions.

TikTok Automatic Captions

TikTok automatic captions were released in April 2021. Auto captions are the feature that automatically generates subtitles for your TikTok videos, enabling viewers to read and understand the message of what is said in the video. Before that, plenty of TikTok creators manually added captions and subtitles to their TikTok videos by using third-party apps or app text features. There is no need to struggle, thanks to TikTok. There are more features rolled out, and now the auto caption features have become part of TikTok. Yes, it’s good news for all TikTok video creators. Even if you don’t like to watch videos with captions, you can quickly turn off captions at the moment.

  • TikTok auto caption feature offers greater accessibility.
  • It makes videos easily accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing persons.
  • Users can edit the captions if they need and can quickly turn on or off auto-captions to their TikTok videos.
  • If the viewers don’t need captions, they can disable captions at any time.

How To Turn On Auto Caption?

  • Once you have uploaded your video, tap the check mark to turn on editing mode. Now, you are ready to start editing the captions.
  • On the editing page, click the Captions icon on the screen’s right side to turn it on.
  • If you turn on captions, the small version of the video will display on the screen that explains how the auto-captions work. Make sure to review the words that are correct and go ahead.
  • Next, you will take over to the next page and click Post to share the video with captions enabled.

Remember that depending upon the length of your video, the captioning process will take time. Moreover, know that only spoken words get captioned, and the soundtracks or music will not be captioned. Finally, once your video is ready with a caption, utilize Trollishly while posting to make it go viral.

How Can You Edit Captions For Your TikTok Videos?

  • Well, you can easily edit auto-captions by following the below three steps:
  • Click the ‘edit button on the caption display page that appears like a small line with a pencil hanging over it to the right side of the Captions header or click a single caption line.
  • Correct the misspelling and errors, and then click Save.
  • If you are satisfied with the caption, then click then proceed to click Post to share the video.

Trollishly: How To Disable Captions On A TikTok Video?

Even though many people like to turn on captions, some may think it is unnecessary while watching videos. Those viewers want to turn off the auto-captions feature to enjoy watching the videos.

  • To turn off, while watching a video on TikTok, click one of the captions when it pops up on the display screen.
  • A bubble will explore near the caption, and now click Hide captions. Once you tap on it, the captions will disappear behind a small text box.
  • Also, you can turn on auto-captions by clicking on the small text box video that shows that captions are available.

Wrapping It Up

Already, you may have used the auto-captions on other famous social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. And now, after reading this article, you will get a clear idea of how this feature works. TikTok’s this auto enabling captions on or off feature gives users a new incredible experience. Creators or individuals wisely utilize the captions and make the videos easily accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing viewers. So, use TikTok’s new auto caption feature and make the most of your videos.




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