Vaping laws in the UK

Vape has been available in the UK for more than a decade, there are dazzling various vape products which are popular among vapers, and you can easily find most of the popular vapes at an online vape shop. In the very beginning, vape devices were similar to the shape of a stick or a pen, long and slim, and that was to mimic the holding feeling and inhaling style of traditional cigarettes. However, now there is not merely one rose blooming in the garden, but hundreds of colourful and stylish flowers shining. And this is what you would see in nowadays vape market – various types for different levels of vapers, every single vape brand has its own aesthetics which means they offer different styles and designs of vapes, so you can find what you like in the vast market of vapes. The UK vape wholesale shop or even the global vape wholesale shop can be easily found online, they greatly bring much convenience to vapers. It is obvious to all of us that the vaping industry is developing rapidly in the UK, and so do the regulations and laws. Today let’s talk about the vaping laws in the UK that may affect suppliers and consumers.

What is the legal age to vape in the UK?

You must be 18 or above to vape in the UK. It is illegal to sell vape devices or e-liquids to minors, if a vape seller sells vape to a minor, the seller could be fined up to£2500 as a result. And adult is not allowed to purchase vape products for minors. It is also illegal to include a model who is under the age of 25 in advertising. 

Can I vape in public areas?

Though there are no legal regulations or restrictions on vaping in public areas, some local rules may prohibit vaping. It is worth noting that disposable vape and vape kits are not subjected to the same laws as combustible cigarettes. The restriction on smoking in public areas or the workplace does not apply to vaping, but this doesn’t mean that you can vape anywhere you like. Researches find that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, but it is always polite and virtuous to vape without bothering others.

Can I vape in bars?

It differs according to the rules in the bars. Some bars allow smoking which means vaping is also permitted, while some bars allow vaping but not smoking, and very few bars both ban vaping and smoking. As far as I am concerned, some portable and convenient disposable vapes are popular to use in the bars, and some bars are selling Elf Bars for attracting younger consumers.

Can I vape on my own car?

If you are vaping in a standstill car, that’s totally legal; If you are vaping while you are driving, the exhaled cloud/vapour may blur your view and cause accidents as a result. If you are lucky enough to be caught vaping while driving and pulled over by an officer, you will be significantly financially fined and 9 points on your licence lack of due care and attention while driving. If you really want to take a puff, make sure you’ve opened the driver’s side window when you are vaping in a moving car.

Can I vape in public transport?

No regulations or rules that prohibit vaping in public transport. However, most train and bus companies have carried out rules prohibiting smoking and vaping on the bus or train, platforms and stations. And it is more strict when you are on the plane and station.

Brief breakdown of TPD Compliance

TPD Compliance is a directive of the European Union which limits the sale of tobacco and nicotine related products in the EU. It greatly standardizes the vape market and protects consumers’ right by enacting the following regulations:

The e-liquid container should be no more than 2ml;

Bottled e-liquid that contains nicotine should be no more than 10ml;

E-liquid that contains nicotine, nicotine strength should be no more than 20mg/ml;

E-liquid should exclude the ingredients like taurine, caffeine, colouring, and other ingredients deemed unsafe by the directive;

Packaging should be tamper-evident and child-proof;

All labeling must meet requirements;


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