Wann braucht man einen Kfz-Gutachter?

There are two types of tests, one is performed by an independent specialist for cars and the other is a test conducted by the car manufacturer itself. The independent specialist can charge anything from 200-300 Euro depending on the place where the test is done. For vehicles manufactured after September 1, 2012, a manufacturer must perform its own emissions inspection or it will pay about 25 Euro as an administrative fee. A vehicle test performed by an independent specialist costs about 190-240 Euro and the same applies for vehicles manufactured prior to 2012.

In Germany, the inspection process is very strict, but a car owner has the right to choose which company he wants to take the test. For vehicles produced after September 1, 2012, a kfz gutachter car owner must go to a testing facility in order to take an emissions test. Car owners who want to take an emission test can either choose an independent specialist or a manufacturer. Most people choose the former. Independent specialists are cheaper, and they will perform the test at your location. When the emissions test is done by a manufacturer, it will cost more but the test will be done at a testing facility where all relevant data is stored.

A German car owner has a 30-day deadline to report to the government his vehicle’s emissions.

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