What Are The Best Braces Colors According To You?

Choosing colors for your braces and power chain braces can be tedious. According to a kids orthodontist near me, drab was the only available color for those small elastic bands, and they had no other use besides straightening your teeth. Thankfully, those times are behind us, and you may now choose from hundreds of colors, from maroon to green bands that light in the dark.

You might wonder which colors look best on you and make your teeth look whiter. Or you can go with a particular holiday or event if you’re getting braces or changing your elastics soon. This post includes all the best braces colors so you may express yourself and have fun on the route to a stunning smile.

What Braces Are Colors Considered The Best?

The days of merely having the options of white, black, pink, or light blue braces colors are long gone. There are numerous braces color combinations available nowadays, and your orthodontist probably has a braces color wheel with all the colors you can choose.

Maroon and blue-black are the most preferred colors for adults, whereas teens prefer vividly colored or dark blue braces bands. Here are some of the best braces color options, including vivid hues, color combinations, and transparent bars.

Colors Complimenting The Skin Tone

According to the best orthodontist near me, it is a good idea to consider your skin tone if you are wearing braces for the first time. It’s the equivalent for women of donning lipstick complements their skin tone. For instance, choosing bright colors like flaming reds and gold might be a good idea if your skin has a yellow or golden style.

Choose purple or blue-undertoned colors like cherry reds if your skin is cool-toned with cute braces colors like pink or blue undertones. Because neutral skin types contain a mixture of undertones, they can wear various colors.

Colors Matching Your Eye Color

Some people have dark eye colors like brown or black, and some have light sade eyes like blue, green, or gray. Some people like to wear contact lenses daily to correct their vision, which is why it is an excellent choice to select braces that match the shade of your eye color.

You can choose earthy colors such as blues and greens if you have brown eyes. For blue eyes, lilac, blue or pink is excellent options. Those with green eyes will match with orange, purple, green, or red bands.

Colors To Avoid

There are some braces colors that every brace wearer must avoid because you can see these colored bands from afar. So, select colors that people won’t mistake for food. It is good to avoid colors like brown, dark green, and black. Brown and dark green can appear as food stuck in your mouth, while the other is similar to rotting teeth. You should also avoid colors that can stain easily.

Because of this, clear elastics might not be a choice for you, especially if you eat foods that are dark in color, like curry and coffee. Choose silver or grey if you still want low-maintenance braces with a subtle appearance.


We hope the above-provided information gives you valuable and beneficial details regarding braces colors. For further informative details regarding braces, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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