What Is Swipe Surge On Tinder?

What Is Swipe Surge On Tinder?

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Tinder has launched a new feature to help users discover more great matches through their app. The company calls this “swipe surge”.  What is a “swipe surge” exactly, and how do you benefit from it?

A swipe Surge on Tinder indicates that your activity on the app is at a 15x higher level than usual. If a spike in swipes occurs, Tinder will send you an alert informing you that you must be on and swipe to have a better chance of getting matched.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all you must be aware of of Tinder’s Swipe Surge on Tinder.

Swipe Surge On Tinder

Tinder has just introduced a brand new feature called Swipe Surge. The app has created this feature to let you know that users are flooding into the app to join Tinder. The more users using the app typically means that there’s more chance of finding a partner.

If there’s a Swipe Surge, Tinder will send you a notification via push (if you have these enabled) to inform you that Tinder is booming.

Like the way ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft have “surged” (meaning more people are using the app than usual), Tinder has introduced swipe surging to their platform.

According to what Tinder says that the moment Tinder has a Surge, this means that your it’s activity is increasing by 15x compared to normal, and your potential matchmaking increases by 250 percent. This means you’ll start conversations and engage with your probable match 33% more quickly than if you use it in a normal.

If you log into the Tinder app and see a swipe spike, we recommend that you begin swiping immediately. This will enable you to make more matches since more people will see the profile (due to the significant number of people using the app). A higher number of people online and swiping will mean greater chances of finding a match on Tinder.

How To Enable Swipe Surge On Tinder?

Tinder will automatically register you in swipe surge. When the swell occurs, your profile will be displayed at random to users.

If you’re looking to switch off or on or turn off the Swipe Surge, this is how to do it.

In the beginning, navigate to the settings menu.

After that, scroll halfway down, and you’ll come across “Manage the Swipe Surge. Select this option to change the settings. Then, you’ll be shown a screen that allows you to mark a box that says “show me in swipe surge”.

If you choose not to participate in Tinder’s Tinder Swipe Surge, this means your profile won’t be displayed in the stack of cards while you swipe.

Your profile won’t enjoy the advantages of being displayed 15 times more often than other profiles. We strongly recommend that you not disable this feature unless you wish to hide your profile and then disable it.

How Do I Know If Tinder Has A Swipe Surge?

When you sign in to Tinder, You will see an interactive screen that reads Tinder will be Swipe Surging. This indicates that you actively participate in Tinder’s Swipe Surge on Tinder.

If you also are using Tinder notifications enabled, You will receive information that your activity has increased by 150%, and you must connect to join the excitement.

If you’re not opposed to Tinder messages, We suggest turning them off to actively participate in the swipe surge whenever it happens, which will increase your chances of securing the right match on Tinder.

How Long Is Tinder’s Swipe Surge?

The Tinder Swipe Surge may vary from minutes to several hours. It is possible to experience the Swipe Surge depending on the number of users using the platform. When more people are on the forum, the Swipe increase will continue.

When users are ready to leave the app and slow down their accounts, it will turn off the Swipe Surge will then turn off. This signifies that Tinder returns to normal, and your profile will not be soaring.

We suggest taking advantage of Swipe Surge. Swipe Surge the minute it is made available since users quitting the application won’t last long. If you don’t have push notifications turned on, we suggest activating them to notify you whenever the Swipe Surge is taking place.


We suggest checking Tinder frequently or activating push notifications so that you are alerted whenever there’s a spike in swipes. Like Tinder says, it will boost the likelihood of meeting more people since there’s more potential.

In the event of a Swipe Surge, there is 15 times greater activity Tinder than it is typically. That means more people are actively engaging in chatting or swipes.

You can increase your chances of finding the right match and improve Your experience by signing in using a Swipe Surge.

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