What makes Dubai the preferred choice for cosmetic surgeries?

As a norm, people plan to be in Dubai to experience warmth during winter or to enjoy its world-class facilities as well as hospitality. Moreover, this rising number is also attributed to medical reasons, which also stands as one of the core inspirations.

Over the years in a row, Dubai has sustained its strategic stature among the leading Arab destination for medical tourism. This is based on International Medical Tourism Index, newly issued by the International Health Care Research Centre (IHRC).

The Dubai College of Tourism has even commenced an online training program for the field of medicine. This is to provide empirical advice to travel experts by their selected best plastic surgeon in Dubai.

There is a wide plethora of reasons why Dubai is just what you need to consider in your aesthetic journey.

World-class medical facilities:

Many cosmetic surgery clinics guarantee that you will feel comfortable, at home and loved right from the time you are there. The most significant of all is the kind of therapy you will obtain. Dubai offers medical as well as health capabilities better in comparison to any top city all around the globe. They guarantee you for:

  •       Transparency – Treatment with simplicity under details
  •       Talent- Specialised & qualified & surgeons
  •       Trust- Dedicated care & genuine advice

Of course, the clinic is also required to be licensed by the concerned authorities for the country or region it is located in. A renowned clinic has a competent surgical team, licensed aestheticist(s), well-trained nursing personnel, terrific prestige, and a low rate of complication.

Getting to Dubai is a breeze:

Dubai also provides a ‘visa on arrival for individuals from most other regions of the world. The region is incredibly well-connected with countries all over the world and numerous regular flights from important regions.

Dubai is wealthy with a diversified plethora of opportunities: Citizens from all across the globe come here to love and live with the wide alternatives of food, shopping, lifestyle, and exploration alternatives available to them. The city is multicultural. This makes Dubai a city where you can have a tremendous holiday while obtaining high-quality surgery done in an enormous and productive facility.

6 Common Plastic Surgeries Performed in Dubai:

In fact, in a report issued by the Dubai Health Authority, this region is home to the biggest level of cosmetic surgeons per capita in the Middle East, making about 50 expert surgeons for a million individuals. Dubai has the biggest number of aesthetic surgery clinics all across the globe. Here, you can anticipate an incredible variety of products having excellent quality with the most up-to-date technology in aesthetics.

These people are well aware that they are in the hands of a highly competent surgeon, in a comfortable, elegant facility, with norms second to none.

The most outstanding cosmetic surgeries attained in Dubai involve the eradication of excess fat from specific areas in the body, majorly around the hips or belly, namely liposuction and abdominoplasty. Many aesthetic surgeons also specialize in correcting issues that men experience with their chests with the support of liposuction.

Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in Dubai can be divided into the following categories:

Hair transplant: Recently, there has been a growing trend among women as well as men who are actively seeking coverage of their partitions and boosting their thinning hair as well as fading airlines.

Body contouring: This involves liposuction to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt the belly, arms, pelvis as well as hips.

Cosmetic reconstruction: This type involves aesthetic reconstruction, particularly of facial features such as the jaw, nose, chin, and brow. Reconstruction of the nose bridge or rhinoplasty is a very famous category.

Laser hair removal: It offers permanent relief over periodic waxing and alleviates patients of exaggerated facial hair in case of situations such as hirsutism.

Injectables: These involve wrinkle smoothers such as Plasma Rich Platelet therapy (PRP) and Botulinum, Stromal Vascular factors, Fillers—stem cells for skin as well as hair rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid fillers for skin lifts.

Breast augmentation: This involves enlargement as well as reduction, lifts, breast implants in Dubai, reconstruction—as a matter of mastectomy, birth deformities and following breast cancer.

Dubai is a favourite destination for Medical Tourism in the Middle East and the world. It doesn’t matter what type of procedure you’re looking at, whether it’s cosmetic surgery, dental care, or some other elective procedure; Dubai medical professionals will be able to provide you with top-notch, cost-effective medical services and unmatchable standards of care.

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