Why choose the house of Sarah 14 for African Attire & African maxi dress

Houseofsarah14 gives their customers wax print and handmade African attire. Expert teams spend quality time selecting wax fabric all over Africa and made the designs by themselves. They work with their artists to give new designs and encourage their African artists by rewarding them. African maxi dress is the hot fashion in this era and is spread all over the world.

Reasons for choosing African attire and maxi:

African Maxi dress is not just an item it’s also a lifestyle. This lifestyle decreases your clothing stress and increases fun in your life.

  • A maxi dress is the best kind of hit sensation that can be put on literally and fully outfitted.
  •  It helps you to cover your legs from temperature and this is also called climate control.
  • Maxi dress is good for the part and usual wear also. Their solid color attracts customers.

Daytime Maxi:

Chose the bright colors if you want to wear maxi daytime because the colors set the tone of the outfit. Bright colors like red, orange, and yellows look stunning in the sunlight. Matching accessories and flat shoes look good with the maxi if you wear them in the day time. To choose maxi for day function African maxi dress colors are the best choice for you because they give you a huge range of colors and designs.

Nighttime Maxi:

If you want to choose maxi for night parties and business people then must pick light colors. Because light colors look fabulous at night and chose matching heels with them. The heel looks good for night functions but the heel must be not too short or long chose the exact length of heels to wear at night. Choose jewelry with large and colorful pearls.

Maxi skirts:

Houseofsarah14 gives a range of maxi skirts that include full-size skirts. These skirts are suitable for all shapes of women. They provide versatile maxi skirts. These skirts provide bits finely around the waist and provide great comfort. Maxi skirts are also available in a variety of colors.

African attire

African attire uses African prints which include two things colors and patterns. They use a yellow and orange color that looks beautiful for daily use. House of Sarah provides African attire to their customers in both color combinations like with two different colors or two same colors.


Houseofsarah14 introduce a huge variety of African attire and African maxi dress to make women more attractive and beautiful. They provide maxi, especially for African women. They use bright and light colors for both day and night wears. They give handmade designs and wax prints in both maxi and attires. To attract their customers they provide different offers and promotions. Some of their products are limited editions and are only available on their site.

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