Why does my back crack when I breathe in?

Why does my back crack when I breathe in?

Complete guide about the cause and its treatment.

The human body is highly intricate, and its parts function together in a balanced manner. The human body is performing numerous processes at the same time. And breathing is one of them.

The breathing activity in humans is continuing, and it involves different organs of the body along with the muscles and movement of bones. This article is undoubtedly for you if you wonder why my back cracks when I breathe in.

This is a specific question that many people ask about, and they want an evident and complete answer. So in this article, we will be covering all your queries regarding this problem.

If you are the one facing this problem or hearing any cracking sound in the bones of your body, then get with us on this ship of information and start exploring the leading cause of your problem.

Why does my back crack when I breathe in?

Before going here and there, let’s get straight on to your question: why does your upper back always crack when you breathe in. There could be many reasons for this issue, and we will discuss all of them in detail.

But firstly, you will focus on the most prime and major cause that lets you hear a crack in your back while breathing.

To relieve your attention, let us tell you that it is not a very serious issue if you hear a crack while breathing deep. It is similar to knuckling your joints, and you hear the cracking sound. So if you listen to it quite often, there is nothing to take tension about it.



Before discussing what a cavity is, let us elaborate on the critical activities while we are breathing.  

Breathing activity

Our rib cage, spinal cord, and related joints are highly involved when we breathe. Our rib cage is a complete framework, and it moves every time we live in or breathe out.

When we breathe in, our lungs get inflamed. As a result, the rib cage is moved upward. Potentially this causes the expansion in the joints of rib bones. And when we breathe out the air, lungs get back to their original position. This also lowers the rib cage correspondingly.

Cavitation in costovertebral joint

We all know that our bones are joint or surrounded by Synovial fluid and bone marrow. This act as a lubricant can help in the smooth and frictionless movement of the bones.

Our ribs are joined with our spinal cord with several joints and different fluids surrounding them. When joints expand, bubbles are produced within the fluids.

And when the bone joints relax and come back to their position that air bubbles are popped, then you hear a cracking sound.

The main reason why I hear my spine crack when I breathe is due to this activity.

Now you know the most prominent cause is why my back hurts when I breathe in. 

Some general reasons for cracking sound

Sometimes people hear deep back cracking or crackling sounds in other joints. Mainly people hear this cracking sound due to

  • arthritis
  • the snapping of ligaments or tendon

These two leading causes can let you hear a popping sound whenever you breathe in or move.

· In arthritis, the bones degenerate, as a result, the joints become less smooth, and there is a clicking or popping sound whenever the joints move. This condition is excruciating, and many times people confuse cavitation with arthritis.

· On the other hand, snapping off ligaments or tendons can also be a reason for the popping sound in your joints. In this condition, the ligaments or tendons glide on the muscles. And when their muscles relax, they come back to their original position, making a pop sound.

Treatment for back cracking problem

Now, if you are suffering from this problem and think you fit in any of these conditions, this section will give you the most detailed and efficient techniques to get rid of this back cracking issue.

1.       Foam rolling


 It is an excellent and relaxing technique to fold your muscles. This slow movement of your spine will remove all kinds of cavities. In addition to it, it helps release tension or stress from the muscles.

A foaming roll or yoga wheel works here efficiently. Repeating this process 2-3 times a day will help end the popping feeling in the back when breathing.


  1. Stretching

We all know that stretching is perfect for relaxing bones and joints. Doctors also suggest stretching in case of any strain or pull. Similarly, stretching is also beneficial for back cracking problems while breathing.

Generally, physicians suggest easy and very light stretches and then initial stages. For instance,

·         Back extension stretch.

· Child pose stretch.

· Camels or cows stretch.

All these stretches directly influence the spinal cord. Keeping these poses for almost 60 seconds and three to five times a day is hugely advantageous.

After doing these stretches for a week, you will be able to see tremendously impressive results. Hence when you breathe in, you will not hear a cracking sound in your back for sure.

  1. Decompression

Decompression is one of the most helpful techniques to get rid of your back cracking problem when you breathe in. It requires a Decompression instrument or an inversion table.

Advantage and methodology

Laying your back on it will separate your spinal cord joints. However, this process will also help blood circulation and nourish these joints once again. If you repeat the decompression technique two to three times a day for almost 60 to 80 seconds, you will get a shock.

Because you will listen to the crackling sound in your spine significantly less often, this problem will vanish with time.

We have completed no section for the treatment about why my back cracks when I breathe in.

Following these effortless exercises will altogether remove this problem, and you will not hear any popping sound when you breathe in.


1.       Why can I breathe better after cracking my back?

Cracking can make you feel better, and you will be much more relaxed. After cracking, the possible cavitation’s present in the joints is removed. And after breaking your back, you will feel simple and good about your back.

2.       Can you visit a chiropractor to help with this back cracking problem?

If you cannot stretch and perform exercises at home, then visiting a chiropractor can help a lot. Commonly, people see them if the intensity of pain increases every time they breathe in.

3.       Is it dangerous hearing a popping sound from your spine?

When breathing in, people sometimes hear a cracking or popping sound. It is not harmful until you feel pain in your back joints.


In the end, we assume that you have got the answer to your question about why does my back crack when I breathe. As you have a complete understanding of your problem, potentially, you can treat it yourself.

Still, If you have some queries in your mind, you are free to ask.




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