Why does my inner thigh hurt?

Why does my inner thigh hurt? 

A comprehensive guide about the causes and their treatment

If you are suffering from inner thigh pains and the intensity of pain is very high, it is crucial to take precautionary steps. However, you cannot neglect it at all.

 In some cases, it might be a simple muscle pull, but it can also be due to some serious injury or internal issue. This article will discuss the significant scenarios of why my inner thigh hurts?

 So if you casually experience pain in the inner thighs, or it is after a long time interval, and the nature is sudden. Then this is a must-read article for you; read it till the last line.

 Why does my inner thigh hurt?

Numerous people ask this question so we will address this for you all. So that you can figure out what your problem is and how to tackle it effectively and appropriately.

But before that, let us elaborate on the significant symptoms of inner thigh pain. As mentioned earlier, pain can be less intense and only cause a slight burning sensation. But in some people, it can also be like experiencing a stab on their inner thigh.

Main symptoms

This depends upon the actual cause of the problem of the particular person. But generally, the symptoms include;

· Improper walk

· Grinding muscles when moving

· Burning sensation in the inner thigh

· Swollen muscles of the thigh

· Stiffness

· Muscle strain (due to extensive exercise)

The leading causes differ from person to person. In this regard, the treatments and symptoms can also change.

 In the next section, we will cover all the prominent causes of inner thigh painSo let’s initiate our detailed guide about the causes of pain in the thigh area.

Significant causes of pain in the inner thigh

Let’s go from high to low in the section. It means we will first discuss the most intensive reason that can cause pain in the inner thigh area and then lead towards the minor reasons.


Some females experience inner thigh pain during their pregnancy. It happens when emphasis pubis dysfunction occurs. Generally, the ligaments here keep the pelvis bones together, but during this condition in the second trimester, symphysis pubis relaxes and causes pain. In this condition, pregnant females’ upper inner thigh pain can be more intense and swollen.


· Facing Difficulty in walking

· Inflammation in muscles

· Difficulty turning in bed and climbing stairs

· Grinding sensation in thigh muscles

· Continuous pain following thigh area


 It is another cause of pain in the inner thighs. It covers more of the hip joint and hip area, and the pain leads towards the inner thighs.

 In osteoarthritis, the cartilage between the hip joints breaks down, and it causes friction during movement. This causes pressure on the pelvic region that ultimately causes pain in the inner thigh area.

 Inner thigh cramps are common in obese people. In addition, a common symptom of osteoarthritis is Stiffness in the pelvic joints.

 It can be treated by changing the lifestyle, losing weight, medication, cold and hot therapies, etc.

 Now you are familiar with the two leading causes that why does my inner thigh hurt? Let’s jump on to the next one.

Deep vein thrombosis DVT

As we are now discussing the leading inner thigh pain causes, DVT is one of the most severe conditions. It refers to the blood clot that might be present in your veins present in the thigh area.

Generally, small blood clots are not very harmful at all, and they can reside in our veins for a long time and not cause any harm.

 But sometimes, deep clots are formed in the veins, leading to a severe condition, pulmonary embolism. And this condition is life-threatening for many people.


However, there are no solid symptoms for this condition, but you can determine it by the following considering following signs;

· Swollen thigh muscles

· warm sensation in the inner thigh area and upper thigh area

· Pale bluish-colored thighs.

The leading causes that encourage DVT are smoking, which causes thickening of the blood, high use of alcohol, obesity, genetic history of DVT in the person, and intake of birth control medicines.

Inner thigh muscle spasm

 Inner thigh muscle spasms are the most common reason for pain in the inner thighs. However, we know that anyone can experience muscle strain in any part of their body. And it is not a very serious condition at all.


The main symptoms of inner thigh spasms are

· Soreness in thigh muscles

· Stiffed muscles

· Limited movement

· Discoloration

· Fatigue

·         Swollen inner thigh

· Tingling sensation in muscles

The treatment of muscle strain in the inner thigh differs from the condition of the muscle. If the stress is very intense, it will take time and requires medication.

But if the muscle strain is light and you want the pain to be less intense, then the treatment is possible at home by taking a rest and stopping all the extreme activities of the legs.

Some people also experience pain on the inside of the thighs near the groin region. This is also due to muscle strain. Again, taking proper rest and medication can help relieve the pain.

The causes that determine that Why does my inner thigh hurts? Does not last here. There might be many more reasons for the pain in the inner thighs. But if you have a history of any of these diseases, you need to see the doctor and consult about your condition.

Treatment for pain in the inner thighs

This part of our article will give the most ultimate and effective remedies to lessen your pain. And with time, you will completely get rid of inner thigh pain.

Home Remedies 

Let’s talk about some home remedies to treat your inner thigh pain problem

You can use supplements for the strength of your muscles. If the pain is because of weakness, eating healthy is ideal.

We use massage and heat and ice therapies in the inner thigh region. These help in the relaxation of muscles.

Taking proper rest is extremely important to end inner thigh pain.

It would help if you switched to light exercises and always stretched your body muscles before heavy lifting and intense conditioning. It is better to stop any leg workouts in this condition.

Use of medication

On the other hand, if the situation is complex and unbearable, one must consult a doctor and start proper medication. For instant pain relief, many painkillers are very helpful.

Frequently asked questions

1.       Why does my inner thigh hurt?

There can be several reasons for that, muscle strain, pregnancy, DVT, Osteoarthritis, and many more.

2.       How to prevent inner thigh pain problems?

One must switch to a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking and alcohol, do regular exercises, complete body rest.

3.       Is inner thigh pain pregnancy harmful to the female?

Although it is not harmful to the baby and female, still, it demands extreme care and medication.


At the end of our discussion about Why does my inner thigh hurts? We are now very familiar with the leading causes of this pain. And slight negligence can take you towards a severe health condition and risk your life.

So always take care of yourself and live a happy and healthy life.









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