How long can an iPhone record video?

How long can an iPhone record video?

There is no other statement that shows how incredible the specs of an iPhone camera are. Worldwide, people are in love with the camera and video-making qualities. The camera's specification is so good that people also prefer the iPhone to record films and short movies.

Apart from the mind-blowing camera specifications, there are some other limitations too. Further, we will discuss all the aspects in a very detailed manner. Firstly, we will elaborate on how long can an iPhone record video. So if you are planning to buy an iPhone for recording videos. And also want answers to all your questions. This article is for you.

The main issue that iPhone users face is the phone’s storage and the battery. To figure out the solutions to all these problems, we are writing this for you. There are many other aspects to consider to determine the answer to this question.

For instance, the storage of your iPhone model, storage occupied by the data in your device. Also, the resolution of the video that you want to shoot. Let’s start our detailed guide about how long can an iPhone record video continuously and its related aspects.

How long can an iPhone record video?

Numerous credentials decide the recording time of the video in the iPhone. Generally, the iPhone battery has a total run time capacity of 3 hours, only using the camera. If the camera is recording continuously, you will receive the notification somewhere in 1-3 hours. It will notify you that you have used the memory for the camera.

As mentioned before, many factors decide the time limit of recording on the iPhone. Next up, we are going to discuss all of them.

  1.   Storage has taken by data in the device
  2.      Resolution of the video
  3. iPhone storage

Storage of an iPhone model

Different iPhone models have storage capacities. Similarly, the storage that the system takes is also variable. It depends entirely on the iPhone model that you own. If you desire to record a lengthy video on your iPhone, your iPhone should have an extensive storage capacity.

If you do not know about the storage of your iPhone model, here is the procedure. By following the next steps, one can easily check their phone’s storage.

1.       Open your phone setting.

2.       Click on “General”

3.       After that, you will see another screen appear in front of you. Click on “About”.

4.       Now see the “Available Line”. It will indicate the total storage that is free to record and save the video.

Storage has taken by the data in the device

Here in this section, we will discuss two aspects. Firstly, the storage that is taken up by the phone system. Every phone model, whether Android or iPhone, a particular space is occupied by the system. These are for the default software and apps installed on the phone.

Secondly, the storage is taken up by the data that we keep in our phones. For example, pictures, files, videos, games, songs, etc. After the specified system storage, the rest is available for use. If you have any other stuff, it will ultimately take the storage.

Hence if you want to evaluate how many hours can an iPhone record video. It partially depends upon the free space in your device.

Resolution of the video

The first thing that takes control over the recording time of the video is the resolution of the video. The videos recorded in 4K HD need a massive amount of storage. For instance, your iPhone does not have high storage capacity, it will not be able to record a 4K HD video.

Or otherwise, the total potential will be a few minutes. On the other hand, we can record up to 1-hour and 24-minute videos with 24 fps. 

This is only possible if your device has optimal storage for that video. We cannot give a perfect answer to your question, how much potential your device has to record a video. It is impossible to evaluate your iPhone’s total storage without seeing it visually.

Let’s have another example if you want to record  720 HD for 1 hour with 24 fps. Your device must have 3.5 GB of storage for that video. If you want to increase the definition and take it up to 1080 HD @ 30 fps. The total storage required for the video will be 7.6 GB. Now you have the idea to which extent there is storage usage in recording a video on an iPhone.

Space usage for each kind of video

Every different kind of video takes a different space. It has the same concept as resolution decides the total storage of the video. The latest models of iPhone all can record videos in high-end resolution.

If the resolution is low, the files will be short. And ultimately, more files/videos can be saved on the iPhone. The storage taken by these low-resolution videos is also low.

iPhone 6 series can record videos in 1080p HD at 60 frames/second. Another iPhone range, iPhone 6S, series records with 1080p HD at 60 frames/second. And there is an addition of recording video in 4K HD.

All the models of the iPhone can potentially record slow-motion at 120 frames/second and 240 frames/second. Moreover, all the latest iPhone models record videos at 720p and 1080p HD.

Making iPhone space-efficient by HEVC

Almost every iPhone user faces this problem of storage if they record videos. We are presenting to you a very suitable and effective solution. Are you familiar with this feature of your iPhone, the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)? In iOS 11, this feature is added by default. The function that this feature performs is setting the format of the video. It encodes the video in such a way that makes it 50% smaller than the original one.

Now you can store the recorded videos in half-space. Let us now learn the steps to select the format.

1.       Go to your phone settings.

2.       Open the camera and go to the formats

3.       Click on formats and then tap on HEVC.

4.       The most preferred or compatible format is h 2.64.

Now, you can successfully record the videos and save them on your phone. And these will take only half storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What is the recording limit of an iPhone?

There is no particular limit to recording on an iPhone. It depends on the resolution of the video on which you are recording it. Secondly, the overall phone performance also matters a lot.

2)      Can I record overnight with my iPhone?

Yes, you can turn the video recording mode on and leave it overnight. But it is necessary to keep it on charge. Because the battery consumption will be high. The phone will automatically switch off when the battery is draining out rapidly.

3)      How to set the resolution of the video on the iPhone?

Open the Settings, tap on the camera. There you will see many options. Look for the video resolution and set it the way you want.

4)       Is it possible to record 24 hours continuously on an iPhone?


Technically, it is not possible. The iPhone will need a charging supply to keep the battery optimal. There are also chances that the phone will start heating up.

Note: Remove the charger quickly if the phone starts to heat up faster than the normal rate.

5)      How long can I record a video on the latest iPhone models?

The latest iPhone models are not very distinct in terms of battery capacitance. Even the latest iPhone models can continuously record videos for approximately 3-hours.


Summing up our discussion, we say that the iPhone is appropriate for recording videos. It gives the users a chance to record high-resolution videos. You have also learned that how long an iPhone video battery recording lasts.

Along with it, you have got a complete understanding of the factors that affect the video recording in the iPhone. So it is very easy for you to do the settings accordingly. We hope you are now very clear about all the questions related to video recording on an iPhone.

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