How to pop your hip like a chiropractor?

How to pop your hip like a chiropractor?


A complete guide and fact overview about back stretching and pop hip;

Hip cracking can be a big comfort and sometimes a severe issue. In this, you hear a cracking sound coming out of your hip joints. The pain severities differ from person to person depending upon the sensitivity of the condition. We cannot say that it is common in people. But actually, it is more due to some particular reasons. For instance, any injury, pregnancy, age, and being overweight.

This detailed guide is going to illustrate how to pop your hip like a chiropractor at home. This sounds very appealing to you if you are facing this problem. So keep reading this piece of information till the last line. Furthermore, we will discuss all the possible and effective techniques to do this.

There will also be a short section explaining the causes of hip cracking and how we can avoid the major risks. Let’s get into this one without any further due.

How to pop your hip like a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are experts who align your bones if they are out of place. They will change your pain into relief and comfort. Although it is not possible to deliver a professional treatment at home. But there are many possible ways where you can perform this job effectively on your own.

Following are some incredible exercises that will help you in popping your hip. Also, it will aid stretching in your back and whole body in a very appropriate manner.

Trunk Rotation while Standing

Cracking or popping your hip while standing. Now you will be thinking that is it possible or not. The answer is yes, it is surely possible. It is a very simple yet effective technique. Additionally, it is possible for people of all age groups.

Step-by-step procedure

  •         Stand straight with your feet and shoulders aligned.
  •         Raise your arms right in front of your chest and keep the elbows straight.
  •         Hold both hands together in the same position.
  •         Now slowly move your upper body to the left side. Keep going until you feel it’s the end.
  •         Gently start moving back to the center.
  •         After that, repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  •         Make sure your lower body is stationary, only the upper body is moving

Pigeon Pose

It is the second technique for popping your hips at home. It is also very easy and you only need a mat on the floor. Pigeon Pose is difficult to perform for some people facing the problem of obesity. But practicing for some time you will be able to do it. This technique will mainly target your hip joint and also your spinal cord.

Step-by-step procedure

  •         Start the pose by touching your hands and knees on the floor, cow position.
  •         Put your right foot behind the left waist by twisting your right leg forward.
  •         Meanwhile, straighten your left leg behind. Now stretch your back and hip as close to the mat.
  •         Back to the first position and put your left foot behind the right waist. Twisting the left leg forward.
  •         Stretch the right leg behind the body.
  •         Repeat this procedure 1 set of 20 at the initial stages. Don’t forget to hold the pose for 15-25 seconds on each side.

Hip Rotating in Chair

Here comes a very simple technique where you can stretch one side of your hip while sitting on a chair. This technique does not require any hard effort. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do this technique.

Step-by-step procedure

  •         Sit firmly on the chair with back and feet straight.
  •         Put your left leg resting on the right knee.
  •         Now with both of your palms holding your left now.
  •         Stretch and push it towards the ground. Hold this pose for 3-4 seconds.
  •         Now go the same with the opposite side and repeat the technique.

Side lunges

Another technique for how to pop your hip standing up. Side lunges are a very good technique and help a lot with hip-pop. It targets the side joints of the hip bone. Aligning them to the proper position.

Step-by-step procedure

  •         Stand firmly on the ground with your feet apart. They must be widely spaced.
  •         Now bend your right knee a little and lean towards the right side.
  •         Keep going until it is comfortable. Hole the pose for 2-4 seconds.
  •         Now come back to the pivotal position.
  •         Repeat the steps for the other side.
  •         Do a set of 20 on each side and keep your back straight during the side lunges.

Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch is another very amazing exercise to pop your hip and do the stretching. This exercise can be done sitting on the floor. The inner joints of the hip bone are targeted in this technique. Moreover, you will also hear cracking hips while doing this exercise.


  •         Sit on the ground and keep your back straight.
  •         Now fold your legs in such a way that both your toes touch each other.
  •         Gently hold your knees with your palms. Push your knees towards your ground.
  •         Hold this position for a few seconds and go back to the relaxing position.
  •         Repeat the exercise 15-30 times at initial levels.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

The main purpose of this exercise is to stretch the overall hip joints. This improves the health and mobility of the hip and is a very suitable exercise in hip cracking. Do the following steps to perform this exercise.

Step-by-step procedure

  •         Get your lower body in such a position of proposing to somebody.
  •         In this, any of your knees left or right facing the ground and the other in front of you.
  •         Now stretch your glute and simultaneously move your trunk forward.
  •         Keep moving it until you feel stressed.
  •         Repeat the same procedure with the other leg.
  •         Perform 15 sets each at initial levels.

Now we have discussed all the techniques that you can perform for cracking the hip. All these exercises are tremendously good and have instant potential to pop. You can increase the mobility of the hip bone by performing any of these stretching techniques at home.

Causes of hip-pop or pain

This section is going to elaborate on all the major reasons or causes of hip-pop all across the globe. Besides learning how to pop your hip joint, also know about the main causes. There are certain body conditions where people start encountering this problem.

In medical terms, cracking of the hip is termed as ‘’crepitus’’. Commonly, this happens when the hip joint becomes tight or an air bubble is trapped inside the joint. Next, we will be evaluating the other causes of this problem among the people.


In this condition, the tendons or tissues get inflamed or swollen. And at any movement, the person feels severe pain or cannot move the joint.


Small fluid-filled sacs are surrounding our tissues. They help in cushioning these tissues. They get swollen and are unable to perform their function.


 It is very common and a huge percentage of people are into it. In this condition, there is inflammation in the joints.

 Snapping hip syndrome

It clearly shows that the hip tendons and tissues face inflammation. When rubbing together they click and cause pain.  

Labral tear:

 A tear is formed in the labrum. It is very soft and has delicate cartilage around the hip.

We are familiar with the importance of the hip joint. It holds both the upper and the lower limbs. Supporting the body to stand properly. So if there is a cracking hip problem advancing due to any of these problems. It is a very critical condition.

To avoid any severe condition it is preferred to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible. So that you can get professional treatment in time.  

Frequently asked questions

  1.       Is hip locking a serious issue?

Hip locking usually happens to people but it depends on which condition they are in. If they are in any of the above ones, it might be a serious problem. And the person should consult the relevant doctor to get the treatment.

  1.     Can we treat locked hips at home?

We can effectively treat this situation at home. By following the above-discussed techniques you can pop hip on your own.

  1.     What are the precautions before hip cracking at home?

It is crucial to do some precautionary steps before stretching your back and hip. Warming up and preparing your muscles before any technique is mandatory.

  1.       Are there any risks in hip cracking at home?

It entirely depends on the person doing hip-pop at home. If the person is not careful in doing all the exercising there is the risk that you advance towards anything serious.

Final words

To summarize, we have now analyzed how to pop your hip back in place in detail. By practicing these techniques daily at home, you will surely be able to get rid of this problem completely. But for that, it is extremely important to hold the poses correctly. So that you can achieve the best and long-term results.


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